Hösten, Stressen, Vädret, Ångesten, Mörkret, Stormen, Gummistövlarna.


Känns helt enkelt som att hösten har kopplat grepp om mig. Sommaren sa aldrig riktigt hejdå. Den bara försvann. Nu återstår den mörka tiden.

Har köpt nya gummistövlar. Känns som att man ger upp på nåt sätt. Bara tackar och tar emot… Funderar på nya regnkläder. Såna man hade när man var liten. Tjocka, riktiga. Inte såna där sportiga som man har nuförtiden.


Ett ljus i det mörka är dock att A.A. Bondy släppt en ny platta. Av erfarenhet vet vi att det är fantastiskt.

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  • Jonas Says:

    T Y Lord för A.A. Här svarar Mr. Bondy på 13 frågor på http://www.buddyhead.com.

    1. Who are your heroes?

    When i was a boy it was thundar the barbarian. When i was more than a boy it was Mark Gonzales the skateboarder. Things go dark for a bit there. . . Uh, I don’t really need one anymore.

    2. When was the last time you said today was a good day?

    When i was singing along to that ice cube song.

    3. What or who still inspires you to keep on keeping on?

    A pretty girl taking your order. Bacon. When the clouds go all pink and stuff. Moon shadows. The locusts sound like synthesizers. Horses, horses, horses. James Blackshaw. Lightning. Motorcycles.

    4. What would you rather be doing right now?


    5. If you weren’t making art, what do you think you’d be doing?

    I’d like to be a blacksmith or someone that gets paid to make fires, or a cave painter.

    6. Who would you rather eat dinner with, Danny Devito or Dog The Bounty Hunter?

    That’s rough. Danny Devito seems more familiar, but I bet Dog has done more drugs. although you never can tell. I’m gonna say Dog. his outfit would probably be pretty cool

    7. What makes you cringe?

    Mayonnaise, guys with white belts (not karate)
    and waiting in line.

    8. Give us your best recipe? Let us have it!

    Grilled cheese avocado bacon.

    9. Do you have hope for this new generation of kids who worship Lindsay Lohan, suck down TMZ, download music (and have never even owned one cd or lp) and fast food gobbling generation that is in their teenage years right now? Or are they a lost cause?

    Oh i dunno. we don’t really know where this is all going do we?

    10. What in the world is affecting you right now?

    Heat & humidity. I’m in Mississippi. I keep my head down for the most part.

    11. The 80’s or the 90’s? And why?

    I guess the 80’s. Cuz Purple Rain.

    12. What could you NOT live with out?

    All these big questions huh? I’m just waitin on the next meteor shower ya know?

    13. Give the internet some words to live by….

    Ummmmmm, I’m just wating on the next meteor shower, ya know?????

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