Dec 1 2015

Swedish Gold: Slowgold


Photo: Jenniann Johannesson

Amanda Werne, a super talented musician residing in Gothenburg on the west coast of Sweden, is really something else.

Her Project Slowgold is pure gold. Dreamy Prairie Rock with Nerves from out of this World. The lyrics are like dancing poetry, that takes your mind to places you thought you’d never see again. Painting Pictures so vivid you can almost smell them.

The Music has references in 70’s rock, but feels so fresh and new that you’d Think that she has created her own genre. Her voice is in perfect tune with the poetry of her Music. The fact that she sings in Swedish only makes it even more personal and more intimate.

Having released ”Stjärnfall” in may this year, she now released her second album this year ”Glömska” . Sounds like a lot? I want more! I just can’t get enough of this.


okt 20 2015

Tiger Lou is back!



It has been a couple of years since we got to listen… But for all of us that adore Tiger Lou, the longing is over. Tiger Lou is returning for real.

The silence that has echoed since 2009 (if you disregard the teaser Homecoming#2 in 2014) is over.

Tiger Lou released an EP on the 16th of Oktober, a taste a full-length that will hit us in 2016. California Hauling. This is Love at first listen.

Next year will be the year of the Tiger I am sure. International and domestic tours await. We will sure be there. Front row.




aug 11 2015

Countdown to WOW: Natalie Prass (Stay Out West)




With the line up for Stay Out West, who needs anything more? Ever?

Natalie Prass, is what Rolling Stone Magazine defines as one of “Ten New Artists You Need To Know.” and one of Time Magazine’s “15 Artists To Watch in 2015.” That is what a lot of artists would kill to be, once, in their whole career.

Prass’ music travels over many genres and sounds. Her voice keeps growing and never lets you go, that firm grip, that delicate subtle, yet strong soft whisper, that holds more power than you thought you came for. Pure and clean. Hits me right there, every time.

Natalie Prass will be playing friday @ Pustervik, be there in time. You don’t wanna miss this Virginian pop-country/singer/songwriter.

jun 3 2015

Way Out West: Goat returns…


As always june and july is nothing but a long wait for august… Because august in Gothenburg means Way Out West. The best god damned festival that man has ever known.

Except for beeing extremely progressive regarding social and human responsibilites, art and movies among many things, they also book the most interesting acts and hook us up with brand new artists. Gotta love that!

The line up this year is no exception, check it out at:

One of Swedens best well kept secrets, Goat, returns to the festival this year. We say – awesome! See you in august!

maj 5 2015

New Release from Kanada – Paradise in Her Arms


View More:

Our favorite Stockholmian, Kanada, aka Johan Hammarbäck is releasing his album ”Paradise in Her Arms” today.

With his delicate yet experienced ways around the lyrics, he takes us in to his life, where divorce, love, breaking up and beeing a man are a few of the ingredients. An album, like his last release, that sounds and feels up close, personal and very intimate. Swedish Americana/Singer/Songwriter at its purest.


Check out more about Kanada on Facebook


feb 27 2015

Friday! Florence! Festival!


Friday, I’m in love! One of my all-time favorites brings this friday to the highest note!


Florence + The Machine has released the first single from the upcoming album ”How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful” (expected release 2015-06-01). The single ”What Kind of Man” is a great friday tune. Full of energy and emotions and with the characteristic sound that Flo’ has made us all love.

We are so much looking forward to this years Way Out West, where once again we will get to hang out with this magnificient woman! Couldn’t be more excited. August 13-15:th we will be there.

Listen to What Kind of Man on Spotify…

jan 30 2015

Rearview: Sufjan Stevens – Illinoise



Ten years ago, in 2005, this blog saw the light of day. So did one masterpiece of album.

The Detroit born singer-songwriter and musician Sufjan Stevens released what would be his absolute most well known album ”Illinoise” in 2005.

Friday as it is, we give you a sweet rearview. Listen and enjoy!

Nov 7 2014

New music: Tiger Lou – Homecoming #2



One of my favorite swedish bands of all time Tiger Lou has returned home. A band that spawned from the solo act of Rasmus Kellerman (read WAYLT). Music that actually reshaped my taste in music in a way I didn’t realize until years later.

It has been quiet since 2008  and I nearly lost my faith… But my prayers were heard.

This friday we bring you, from the band that made some of the best albums of the first part of the second millenium (Is My Head Still On 2004, The Loyal 2005 and A Partial Print 2008) the first single from the upcoming album

The album is recorded at Matching Head Studios. Released on Startracks. Producer on the new album is Rolf Klinth, mixed by Peter Katis (The National, Interpol, Mercury Rev). The sound is more Tiger Lou than you could have asked for. Can’t wait.


okt 9 2014

Listen: Nikki Lane – All or Nothin’



Dan Auerbach from The Black Keys is, as we all know, a genius when it comes to creating great sounds and music.

Being a producer, musician or just being there when recording, it turns to gold. As in this case. Auerbach has produced Nikki Lane’s latest album (released in may this year) All or Nothin’, a country-rock-stomping-blues-album by outlaw-singer Lane, that carries it all on her shoulders.

Listen to her telling you that it is all or nothin’ or listen to her duet with Dan, Love’s on Fire. Magic stuff.

aug 10 2014

Way Out West – Day 3: The End


Seasick Steve


”Heavy, dirty, groovy”


Photo: Olle Kirchmeier

Photo: Olle Kirchmeier

“If you gonna sing a song about drinkin’ wine you might as well drink some wine”, 73-year old Seasick Steve says, gulping from the bottle and grinning his bearded wry smile. He takes a stroll down to the crowd, shaking hands with the front row people. Then, the blues starts rolling in and man it’s down low heavy, dirty, groovy! It’s time to shake, shiver and roll. Man, he is good! Together with a crazy drummer from Åmål, Sweden, and his self-made guitars, the feet stompin’ show owns the afternoon. He invites a girl upon stage for Walkin Man – beautiful and warm. Self Sufficient Man is hip as a snake tail in Desert City. Let’s keep on keepin’ on!



Annika Norlin


”The sound of a hug”


Photo: Annika Berglund

Photo: Annika Berglund

Annika Norlin aka Hello Saferide aka Säkert! got the tent of Linné all by herself on Saturday night. Well, not all by herself cause the circus room was totally packed with people who wanted to share her blue magic. Norlin has written some of the sadest songs I ever heard, and her presence both on record and on stage is plain beautiful to witness. Too bad the sound is scrubby and very low tuned, but the warm feeling takes over. It’s the sound of a hug. Thanks for the lyrics on the big screen on stage, I loved it, and too invite the audience to sit with her on stage – brilliant!




Robyn & Röyksopp


”A real star!”

Photo: Olle Kirchmeier

Photo: Olle Kirchmeier


This is as good as it gets. Robyn has gone from great to the greatest. In my book, Robyn could be the only real superstar in Sweden right now. The way she performs, takes the stage, owns the audience. It is perfection in its core. The mix between swedish greatness and norwegian awesomeness, with Röyksopp and the outstanding Susanne Sundfør, just melts into a boiling pot of joy! We, the amazed audience, had no other way out than to dance this last act out, way out west.