sep 9 2015

Rearview: Tell Tale Signs



Bob Dylan is everything and more. He is the ground we stand on and the air we breathe. Without him, nothing.

Every now and then Dylan release bootlegs filled with alternative takes, unreleased stuff, live recordings – a gift that keeps on giving.

A humble thanks to our hero and check out Most Of The Time below. This is very far from the take that landed on the Daniel Lanois-produced album Oh Mercy back in 89. It’s from Tell Tale Signs (2008, bootleg 8) – stripped down and amazing. Breaks us down every single time.

jan 30 2015

Rearview: Sufjan Stevens – Illinoise



Ten years ago, in 2005, this blog saw the light of day. So did one masterpiece of album.

The Detroit born singer-songwriter and musician Sufjan Stevens released what would be his absolute most well known album ”Illinoise” in 2005.

Friday as it is, we give you a sweet rearview. Listen and enjoy!

Nov 27 2014

Rearview: Imelda May


i m e l d a

• Thanksgiving Thursday and we look back. Try this excellent cover of Tainted Love by Imelda May – the Irish rover from Dublin who with her voice and carisma shuts the face of every modern day cowboy. The rockabilly godess, no doubt.

See her live? Mrs May gigs Sheffield Nov 28 and Manchester Nov 29.

okt 31 2014

Rearview: Kings of Leon – Come Around Sundown



It is friday, time to start the weekend. And what better way than with an old friend. The album Come Around Sundown didnt really hit me when I first heard it in 2010… But it has grown on me. Matured if you will.

Picture yourself driving. Driving a pickup truck down a dusty road in the south…

Shotgun in the rear window. Torn up seats. An old cassette stereo. This is what you want to listen to.

This track…

The whole shubang!

sep 12 2014

Rearview: Shooter Jennings



Shooter Jennings, the son of almighty Waylon, is one of our all-times favorite alt-country stars. This friday, we kick back with his song Rowdy Women from the 2006-album Electric Rodeo. Enjoy!

maj 23 2014

Rearview: Funeral Party



In 2008 this band released the meanest EP of that year. ”Bootleg” had that raw, unafraid sound of a breaking band from L.A. The album did not really live up to my expectations, although a fantastic album all the same. But the songs that led up to it all. Those first tunes still has me dancing like a maniac.

So crank that dial up the maximum, break open that bottle and kick off those sticky shoes. Funeral Party makes this friday too easy!


apr 29 2014

Rearview: The Raconteurs



Stumbled upon this gem of a song from back in the days of 2006. The Raconteurs (Detroitband with Jack White, Brendan Benson, Jack Lawrence & Patrick Keeler) and their Broken Boy Soldier.

Just an amazing tune, very early Led Zeppelin-ish and Jack really got the Plantesque style in full swing. Great, great song on a Tuesday nite, enjoy!