Dec 4 2015

New song: The Upsala Trees



• Justin Sawicki from Hamilton, Ontario have made a totally independent record. The kind we love.

The LP was made entirely in his home studio, the only finger prints on it are his and those of his close friends. This is what it is all about! The music is very rooty and down to the bone. You feel the songs, hollow and honest.

The self titled album, the second from Sawicki, is released Dec 11 – til then enjoy great song The Upsala Trees.

Nov 23 2015

New song: John Joseph Brill



• Londoner John Joseph Brill left the capital and his heavy-rock-band past and moved to Liverpool in 2013 where he holed up with a pile of Neil Young, Leonard Cohen and David Bowie records. He found his true voice, a brandy-warm baritone that breaks us down. JJ got the soul-gripping ability to capture eternity with a lonely tune. Strong, emotional, beautiful.

Ahead of a new EP release due 2016, check out song The Grape and The Grain. Speaking about it he explains ”It’s a very personal song about loss. The loss of a lover, the loss of a future but at the same time its tinged with hope. That naïve, yet charming hope that maybe, just maybe if I don’t think about it for long enough then the fucked up thing might not happen.”

Nov 17 2015

Exclusive: Patrik Jakubowski



Patrik Jakubowski, who is normally found behind the bass in punkgrungerockers Riddarna, releases his first solo EP Ocean. Kentuckyseven is very proud to exclusively give you a first taste of the EP that’ll be out tomorrow November 18.

Ocean is a thing of nature. We join Jakubowski in his green mode. Forest and moss, river and sky. The smell of pine needles and resin thru the air. The acoustic guitar is there to guide us, a Fleet Foxes kind of vibe. Mezmerizing, hypnotizing.

The theme that pervades Ocean is a desire to be wild and totally unrestrained surrender to nature’s wild grip. The EP, which is co-produced by Bob Hund’s Christian Gabel, give promise of more shimmering songs around the corner. We, for sure, are spellbound.

okt 16 2015

New album: Daniel Norgren



Our big time favorite Swedish americana crooner Daniel Norgren is back with new album The Green Stone – released today. The man really found a sound that echoes of eternity. It’s gut-wrenching och filled with …soul. It’s bare bone beautiful. Try new song I Waited For You.

aug 24 2015

Daniel Pearson is back

Photo: Ed Fielding

Photo: Ed Fielding

• Our old pal Daniel Pearson is back with a great new album. Alone, Together was released August 21 and is the third album from the English folk-americana-man.

It’s nine songs filled with raw, talented song-writing. It’s a Damien Rice-kind of heartfelt vibe and something to hold dear when darkness rolls in. We truly love the guy, check out his sweet song I Still Believe down below.

jun 15 2015

Barrence Whitfield & the Savages



• Meet Barrence Whitfield & the Savages. This is classy mayhem garage rock with raw vocals, thick and nasty guitar tones, and a preternaturally locked-in rhythm section.

The band release Under the Savage Sky in August, a down and dirty soulful punk record, via Bloodshot Records – filled with compact, three minute-or-less blasts.

For starters? Try a piece of Incarceration Casserole

maj 28 2015

New Release: Seaweed Meadows – Gravitation



Swedish indie pop rockers Seaweed Meadows released a new single yesterday.

The west coast band delivers a pure and free soundscape with that awesome swedish feel to it.

While waiting for the full length, they offer us a single ”Gravitation”, which will be a great company to the pre-summer that surrounds this cold country.


maj 25 2015

Seth Avett & Jessica Lea Mayfield Sing Elliott Smith



• Seth and Jessica covers Elliott in an amazing release, true & honest to the man who tragically died 12 years ago. The 2015-album Seth Avett & Jessica Lea Mayfield Sing Elliott Smith was recorded over the past three years at the artists’ homes and at Echo Mountain Studios in Asheville, North Carolina. The duo will tour the album later this year, til then check out the eerie, barren, beautiful, magical – Fond Farewell.

mar 4 2015

Sweet man Joe Pug



• Our old-time favorite singer/songwriter Joe Pug from Greenbelt, Maryland released his new album Windfall on March 10th. As always it’s a treat around the corner.

The folky troubadour recorded this bunch of songs in Lexington, Kentucky; and from the sound of first tune out – If Still It Can’t Be Found – the man struck gold.

jan 27 2015

New EP from Seafret



Seafret is the acoustic North Yorkshire duo of Jack Sedman and Harry Draper. Folllowing up from the success of the recent Give Me Something EP, last week they released Seafret’s new EP Oceans.

Check out the bands tumbling, emotional, captivating, contagious cover of Hozier’s Angel of Small Death and the Codeine Scene which was recorded for Zane Lowe?s Radio 1 show. Honest & raw, sit down, enjoy.