Review: Tu Fawning – Hearts On Hold


Tu Fawning – Hearts On Hold

City Slang Records
Releasedate 2010-01-10

Out of the awsome City Slang comes, like a fearful bat out of its cave, Tu Fawning’s first full length album.

To put in words what the sound of Tu Fawning sounds like, is like trying to throw out the christmas tree without having the floor filled with needles.

Hearts On Hold is an album that will keep you guessing. You will have nightmares,  feel bliss or just disappear into the world that is theirs. The instruments, samples and vocals together blends up to something never  experienced before. I got completely lost in the trumpet. There is some sense of Arcade Fireish notions hidden somewhere.

I have listened to the album a numerous times, and still it gets me. Confusing, beautiful and simple at times. It is like nothing you??’ve heard before, and still it feels somewhat like home at times.

The first track on the album will take you somewhere, thats guaranteed, just try to find out where. It’s amazing. If I ever die in New Orleans, give me a funeralband, marching and put Tu Fawning in the first line. Singing ”Multiply A House”

Hearts On Hold makes up for a strong 5/7 – Try it on, see if it fits you.

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