feb 20 2015

New record: Blackberry Smoke



• Our longtime favorites in the southern rock chapter Blackberry Smoke keep on releasing LPs and keep on being on top of their game.  It’s friday night music with money in your pocket, heading out mischieving. Long haired, long bearded, long gone.

The band from Atlanta, Georgia got new record  Holding All The Roses out, check out song Rock And Roll Again.

mar 7 2014

Hell yeah: Whiskey Myers



Whiskey Myers got their brand new album Early Morning Shakes out Feb 4. It´s a southern rock classic.

The album got sweet shades of Led Zeppelin, Blackberry Smoke, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Black Oak Arkansas, Allman Brothers Band and Black Crowes – and they cover a David Allen Coe-song.

This hard working outlaw-countryband is from Tyler, Texas and it´s their third full-lenght LP. I´m pretty sure the record will take them to the moon and back, it´s pretty amazingly awesome.

Here´s the single, Home.

mar 8 2013

Breaking Blackberry Smoke



We worship Blackberry Smoke. The band got a Skynyrd-Crowes-Creedence-Arkansas-twang goin’ on that feels like home.

It´s southern rock the way it’s supposed to be. It´s a case of cold beers, dusty leather boots and countrybluesriffs all night long.

They´re from Atlanta, Georgia and got a new album out called ’The Whippoorwill’. Here’s the song ’Pretty Little Lies.