maj 23 2014

Rearview: Funeral Party



In 2008 this band released the meanest EP of that year. ”Bootleg” had that raw, unafraid sound of a breaking band from L.A. The album did not really live up to my expectations, although a fantastic album all the same. But the songs that led up to it all. Those first tunes still has me dancing like a maniac.

So crank that dial up the maximum, break open that bottle and kick off those sticky shoes. Funeral Party makes this friday too easy!


Dec 6 2010

The Sound of L.A.


Funeral Party, L.A.’ most energetic band is releasing their debut album ”Golden Age of Nowhere” in January 2011.

The EP Funeral Party, with Carwars, Chalice and NYC moves to the sound of LA had me at the first note.

This is bound to be a masterpiece, if Funeral Party doesn’t conquer the world with this album, I will personally make it my mission in life to get people to understand their greatness. The single, ”Just Because”, which can be bought at iTunes gives you a taste of what’s coming. This is awsome.

I know that Kentuckyseven will move to the sound of L.A.

Listen @ Funeral Party’s Myspace