maj 25 2011

Unsigned: Penny Blacks


Penny Blacks is the songwriting vehicle of Jason Ogden. Penny Black is also a stamp, the world’s first adhesive postage stamp, but thats another story.

It´s the folky vibe we love and very Canadian (Great Lake Swimmers, Wolf Parade). It´s something special with the big tree-filled country. A lo-fi Swedish touch jammed with an country & western twang. Jason Ogden is from New Brunswick, a frenchy southeast part of Canada that borders to the Stephen King state of Maine.

Penny Blacks is something very special. Something you wanna put in a box and mail to your best friend. Something you wanna keep as a secret – as your own – but also scream out on the top of your lungs to the rest of the world. This is sincere and for real and a force to reckon with. I´m pretty blown away.

Penny Blacks – Bandcamp