mar 21 2011

Review: Cocoon – Where The Oceans End


Cocoon – Where The Oceans End
Label: Co-op / Sober & Gentle
Release (SWE): 2011-03-21

They could have fooled me. This is french folk, with no taste of strong cigarettes or week old red wine.

The french duo consisting of Mark Daumail and Morgane Imbeaud create gloomy soundscapes and beautiful moods. Throughout the entire record, the stories are laid out, naked and intimate. This is music for those who love a good romance. This is like hooking up and breaking up, all at the same time. Emotions rolling on the carefully sung harmonies.

Comparing Cocoon with artists like Eliott Smith, Sufjan Stevens is easy, but still this is something else. The sound of a man and a woman.

In this genre, this is extraordinary, considering it is a thin line between to much, and not enough. Where The Oceans End makes you wish there was another album in the sleeve.

Close to a seven, the number six fits like a glove.

Waiting for more.