sep 7 2011

Meet Bill Callahan


Bill Callahan sings like a guy in a story of Cormac McCarthy. This 45 year old from Silver Spring, Maryland, got a dramatic touch. He takes this lo-fi-intensive stuff to a very special place. Bill Callahan is a statesman for the times. It´s like Leonard Cohen on the prairie.

Callahan released his latest album Apocalypse earlier this year, the fourth soloalbum in his own name. A great album, but not your easy path, more lika a hard stone road. A barren kind of place. It demands your attention.

Nowadays he lives in Austin, Texas and will play live in ”Brilliant Corners of Popular Amusements” in Chicago this Friday Sept 16th. Later he hits Europe with a lovely stop in Gothenburg (cheers Woody West) Nov 17th.

Youtube: Bill Callahan – Drover

maj 12 2011

In the honour of Mr Zimmerman


May 24, 1941 was the day when the world started to spin in a phenomenal way. The day when Duluth, Minnesota became the centre of the world. The day when my personal Jesus hit the streets of America.

Bob Dylan means the world to me. He is one of my closest friends, yet the odds are we´ll never meet. He knocked me out, and still does with the strenght of his music, his lyrics, his appearance.

This man is coolness personalized, he is the one that put all other shit together. When your day seems rough and weary, try his tenderness. Check out this and this and this and this and this and this.

We´ll celebrate his 70th birthday with Nikke Ström, Mattias Hellberg, Daniel Gilbert on Stora Teatern in Gothenburg. It will be a feast, an art- and photoexhibition, lectures, filmscreenings and tonnes more.