okt 17 2011

Iceland Airwaves – Suuns @ Gaukur á Stöng


Gaukur á Stöng

There is no way to say this in a nice way. Suuns is the sound of sex.

Okay, not really. But the feeling of that one frustration, holding back or giving in. It doesn’t matter. This is dark and somewhat twisted. This is Canadian gold and dirt at the same time.

Unfortunately the crowd seems hungover since Honningbarna and Suuns never really get the response that they quite deserve. This is music that has the capability to change you at the very core if you let it.

If you let it in.

Live these four guys are even more aggressive and harsher than on record and it suits them terribly well. The way the singer hunches up to the mic almost curled up and with a dark frown on this face, you can almost feel the disgust. I don’t know exactly how the rest of the crowd reacted to their live show but I wasn’t prepared for this.

Though I am glad that I actually got to experience it.

Suuns is an experience.

When the band lets lose Pie IX it’s like they sneakily opened the door to something dark and haunting. You feel it in your gut, in your bones. Suuns have you in their grasp and the entire audience is put under a spell, following the baseline and the repetitive mantra like it was a ritual of a big cult. Apart from Pie IX it’s Up Past the Nursery that really stands out during the set.


Having said that, they never reached that peak that I was looking for – that’s frustration for you. They are sharp but there seems to be something missing and it’s difficult to narrow down exactly what. It might be that the guitars are a bit loud and the singing a bit low so that the balance is lost.

This is a 5/7

/Maja, K7 correspondent