What are you listening to: Fibes, Oh Fibes?


Swedish band Fibes, Oh Fibes is on our mind. They hit the streets bigtime back in 2003 with epic singles One Hour Baby and This City’s Got No Boulevards. Since then these fellas made a bunch of records – the latest one Album released April 18th.

Album sounds great. It´s a back-to-the-roots deal for the band, with a hidden gem in song N0 5 Good For My Soul, and they got greatness ahead. Fibes, Oh Fibes excellent bassman Edvin Edvinson (left in the pic) answered a couple of Q´s, enjoy.

¤ What are you listening to, right now?

“New Rufus W, Lightships and Judee Sill.”

¤ Your hopes for this year?

“We are really looking forward for a year filled with long term projects. From our end it will be playing our music and presenting ’Album’ in the best possible way. Meeting loads of new interesting people. Also hoping on caring about eachother becoming the new big lifestyle. Really caring that is.”

¤ Three artists who inspire you?

“Harry Nilsson, Azelea Banks and Arthur Russel. Imagine those in a trio!”

¤ Who deserves a breakthrough in 2012?

“Sea Shepherd.”

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