What are you listening to, Nerina?


Nerina Pallot, the Brit-nominated singer-songwriter, returns in style with her new album ’Year of the Wolf’ out May 30th on Geffen records.

The album is entirely produced with guitar legend Bernard Butler and contains euphoric pop songs with that big heart-bursting choruses we dig. It´s life in widescreen, big letters and ”all the way into the tiles”

Nerina, born in the Kentucky-year of 1975, wrote and recorded the album during her pregnancy last year. She did have a baby boy (Wolfgang Amadeus) in September 2010 and a great album this May. Please check out the highly addictive first single ’Put Your Hands Up’.

Kentuckyseven got hold of Nerina and asked her five Q´s. And by the way, that Magus-book is a must-read. Enjoy!

¤ What are you listening to right now?

– The self titled album from West Indian Girl from 2002.

¤ Best book read in a while?

– The Magus by John Fowles.

¤ Your hopes for this year?

– Arsenal to win the Premiership.

¤ Three artists who inspire you?

– Elton John, Prince, Steely Dan.

¤ Who deserves a breakthru in 2011?

– Bright Light Bright Light.

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