Rocky Votolato är här


Kentuckyfavoriten Rocky Votolato släpper idag sin nya platta, ”True Devotion”. Finns att köpa på iTunes, eller tja, i skivaffär´n.

Har saxat några tidiga recensioner:

“True Devotion sees Votolato stripping down his arrangements and baring his soul via a 10-song collection of nearly flawless compositions. FOUR STARS” – Alternative Press

”…True Devotion is remarkably light, airy, and inspiring. It’s emotionally heavy, but there’s a sense of a freedom here. Votolato has finally laid his heavy burdens to rest and created his best album yet.” – Seattle Weekly

”…the end result is an album that finds Rocky doing what he does best, and that is telling stories of hardships and life, all the while breaking hearts and building them back up along the way.” – Indie Rock Reviews

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