Nov 30 2011

Premiere: Rocky Votolato


Our dear friend Rocky Votolato plays his latest song – Little Spring – who will be the first single on his forthcoming record.

This one is recorded in Rockys bedroom,  great stuff as always.

If you wanna help Mr Votolato fund his album – check out Kickstarter.

jan 13 2011



Our friend Rocky Votolato released a new video and tourdates today.

RV´s new vid.

Dec 17 2010

What are you listening to, Rocky?


Photo: Christopher Nelson

We really got into Rocky Votolato during 2007. His album The Brag and Cuss hit Kentuckyseven´s toplist of the year.

Rocky is still very much with us, often late at night when the going gets tough and we need a little te-te-tenderness. There he shows up with his voice and his harmonica. A dear friend.

Votolato´s latest album True Devotion could be his finest work up to date. He was born in rural Texas, lives in rainy Seattle (cheers from rainy Gothenburg), and makes music sweet and rare.

This is a guy to follow to the bitter end, and his concept of Living Room Shows (he gets into your house!) is pure genius. We got hold of Rocky on the road, asked him a couple of questions.

What are you listening to?

”Cat Stevens – Tea for the Tillerman, Kris Kristofferson – Greatest Hits, Sigur Ros – (). Most rotation right now gotta be Me Without You – Brother Sister.”

Best book read during 2010 ?

”Autobiography of a Yogi – Paramahansa Yogananda.”

Who deserves breakthru in 2011?

”A really great band from Springfield, MO called Ha Ha Tonka (Bloodshot Records).”

¤¤¤ Check out Rocky Votolato on twitter, myspace or youtube. He´s on Barsuk Records, just finished a European tour and we hope to see him in Sweden asap.

feb 24 2010

Rocky Votolato är här


Kentuckyfavoriten Rocky Votolato släpper idag sin nya platta, ”True Devotion”. Finns att köpa på iTunes, eller tja, i skivaffär´n.

Har saxat några tidiga recensioner:

“True Devotion sees Votolato stripping down his arrangements and baring his soul via a 10-song collection of nearly flawless compositions. FOUR STARS” – Alternative Press

”…True Devotion is remarkably light, airy, and inspiring. It’s emotionally heavy, but there’s a sense of a freedom here. Votolato has finally laid his heavy burdens to rest and created his best album yet.” – Seattle Weekly

”…the end result is an album that finds Rocky doing what he does best, and that is telling stories of hardships and life, all the while breaking hearts and building them back up along the way.” – Indie Rock Reviews

jan 22 2008

Rocky Votolato – The Brag and Cuss


Jag såg den sista Rockyfilmen häromdan. Med farsan i Spårhaga. Det kändes tryggt och lagom respektfullt till en filmserie som ändå betytt något.

Jag får samma känsla när jag lyssnar på Rocky Votolato. En trygg, skön känsla. Lite som att komma hem. Altcountry med munspel, finstämda texter om whisky och annan sprit.

Rocky Votolato föddes i Texas 1978, bor i Seattle och har spelat i flera grupper jag aldrig hört talas om. Han har gått från rockband till ensam folksångare och det är bara att applådera. I vissa stunder äger Rocky sin genre.

Jag tänker hänga med Rocky Votolato framöver, vart han än går. Han är helt enkelt jävligt bra på det han gör.

Betyg: Sex av sju K7´s.
Drick till: vadsomhelst på ett tåg, på väg bort