jun 15 2015

Barrence Whitfield & the Savages



• Meet Barrence Whitfield & the Savages. This is classy mayhem garage rock with raw vocals, thick and nasty guitar tones, and a preternaturally locked-in rhythm section.

The band release Under the Savage Sky in August, a down and dirty soulful punk record, via Bloodshot Records – filled with compact, three minute-or-less blasts.

For starters? Try a piece of Incarceration Casserole

maj 29 2015

Friday Special: Banditos



Straight outta Birmingham, Alabama, meet the … Banditos and the intense, powerful, violent voice of Mary Beth Richardson. Goddammit.

Their self-titled debut full-length album is out this spring and layered with as much grime as it is with pinpoint songwriting and feverish technical savvy. Each song wafts new dynamics into a streamlined stylistic roots, punk, and rock ‘n’ roll jet stream.

As a Friday Special: Check out Banditos perform I Put A Spell On You live in Nashville, Tennessee. If this don’t get you moving, don’t get you emotionally addicted to the soul of great music – what will?