apr 11 2013

Barzun is Londonbound

magnus säfström jonas löfvendahl matthew barzun

FOLKROCKTALK. Magnus Säfström, Jonas Löfvendahl and Matthew Barzun at the US Embassy,  Stockholm.

• The former American ambassador of Sweden, Matthew Barzun is an avid indie music lover and a great fan of Kentuckyseven. Mr Barzun was Obamas money man and chief fundraiser thru the reelection campaign who gave BO four more years.

Matthew Barzun has emerged as the overwhelming favorite to be the next United States ambassador to London. The White House is expected to officially unveil Barzun as Obamas choice for the plum diplomatic job within weeks.

We rout for Matthew Barzun to land The Court of St James, and give ya´ll a gem from his fav Swedish artist, folkhero Kristian Matsson, aka The Tallest Man on Earth. Enjoy ‘Walk the Line’ from TTMOE epic debut-EP.