jun 24 2013

Listen: Volcano Choir – Byegone…



The man, Justin Vernon, seems to be the golden boy. Every thing he puts his hands on, turns to something special.

This is no exception, the single released from the coming Volcano Choir album, ”Byegone” will be available in stores in september. But please do listen to it now. right here…

jun 7 2013

The Shouting Matches


The Shouting Matches

Ya´ll know Justin Vernon. The falsettoguru behind Bon Iver and worldchanging songs as ’Skinny Love’, ’Flume’ and ’Re:Stacks’.

Well here he is again, but as frontman to bluesrockers ’The Shouting Matches’. And man he rocks. This is bootstomping stuff.

Imaging a reeky divebar in the middle of nowhere. Imaging having a cold one. Imaging…fuck it.

Just listen to ’Avery Hill’ from outstanding record ’Grownass Man’.

sep 27 2011



New single from Kathleen Edwards released by Zoë/Rounder Records  today, from her forthcoming album.

The album which will be named ”Voyageur”, will hit the streets next year.


The song Wapusk, which is produced by mr Bon Iver, Justin Vernon, her boyfriend,  is perfect for those dark autumn nights that lies ahead.

Hell I’d say it will fit any day of the week. Take a close listen, and you will hear Justin Vernon in the back. Sweet sweet stuff.

Kathleen Edwards – Wapusk (featuring Bon Iver) by Kathleen Edwards