okt 1 2011

Meet Marcus Foster


Ben Lovett of the great band Mumford & Sons adviced us to give Marcus Foster a go. Man, we are well adviced.

Marcus Foster´s debutalbum Nameless Path is pure genius, a bit of everlasting magic in this hardened world.

Check out the awesome Shadows of the City. This songs shakes us to the core – enjoy.

Shadows Of The City by MarcusFosterMusic

maj 5 2011

What are you listening to, David?


¤ Kentuckyseven are proud to present an interview with the amazing David Mayfield, frontguy of our new favband The David Mayfield Parade. They just released a debutalbum with guest stars as The Avett Brothers, Caitlin Rose, and David’s sister, Jessica Lea Mayfield.

Marcus Mumford of Mumford & Songs called the album ”an absolutely brilliant record”. Anyway. This is great, bearded outlawmusic. You believe me. It´s love and energy all around, addictive like nicotine on a Friday night. I just keep coming back for more unfiltered stuff.

David Mayfield grew up in Kent, Ohio, surrounded by bluegrass music. I really hope we´ll see him in Europe soon enough. His next tourdates; May 5 Greensboro, NC and May 6 Southern Pines, NC. Check out the great track ”I Just Might Pray” featuring the Avett´s.

David Mayfield Parade – Youtube

¤ What are you listening to, David?

“I’m listening to lots of Randy Newman, Tom Waits and Dylan’s ”Time out of Mind” mostly the sad stuff.  I find on tour that it´s actually hard to go to sleep without ingesting a little alcohol and listening to Randy sing something completely hopeless and depressing.”

¤ Best book read in a while?

“You know I don’t read as much as I used to.  I get car sick so when we are on the road I don’t read much and when I’m home I’m usually running around.  I did just read Rob Bell’s new book ‘Love Wins: Heaven, Hell, and the Fate of Every Person Who Ever Lived’.  For about two years I played in a band called Cadillac Sky, and I was the only Agnostic in a band of evangelical Christians so I found myself in lots of heated debates.  This book is very interesting even if I don’t believe any of it.”

¤ Your hopes for this year?

“I just hope people will like what I’m doing.  The response so far has been tremendous and there has been a lot of momentum.  I just hope after all the hype dies down folks will still be excited about our live show, the theatrics.  As long as we keep putting on a unique show with lots of compelling moments and build our fan base the old fashioned way without the help of radio and big record labels I’ll be a happy man. For the most part.”

¤ Three artists who inspire you?

“Paul Simon, Doyle Lawson and Randy Newman.”

¤ Who deserves a breakthru in 2011?

“Well I’m feel like I’m currently watching my little sister Jessica Lea Mayfield breakthru right now.  She just put out her sophomore album and its been getting great reviews.  I couldn’t be more proud of her and I think she deserves a breakthru for sure.  She’s been out there touring heavy for almost 5 years and she’s only 21!”

maj 25 2010

Mumford & Sons


Just upptäckt Mumford & Sons. Fantastiskt band från västra London. Lyssna upp enorma The Cave på Spotify.

Sagt om sönerna: ”They create a gutsy, old-time sound that marries the magic of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young with the might of Kings Of Leon, and their incredible energy draws us in quickly to their circle of songs, to the warmth of their stories, and to their magical community of misty-eyed men.”

Och där blev de klara för Way Out West. Fräscht…

Bandet har också finsmaken att ha en bokklubb på sin hemsida. Mer sånt! Första boktipset från bandpappan Marcus Mumford var All the Pretty Horses av Kentuckyfavoriten Cormac McCartney. Boken börjar:

”He sat in the diner and ate a big plate of huevos rancheros and drank coffee and watched the gray fields pass beyond the wet glass and in his new boots and shirt he began to feel better than he’d felt in a long time and the weight on his heart had begun to lift and he repeated what his father once told him, that scared money cant win and a worried man cant love. ”