maj 25 2010

Mumford & Sons


Just upptäckt Mumford & Sons. Fantastiskt band från västra London. Lyssna upp enorma The Cave på Spotify.

Sagt om sönerna: ”They create a gutsy, old-time sound that marries the magic of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young with the might of Kings Of Leon, and their incredible energy draws us in quickly to their circle of songs, to the warmth of their stories, and to their magical community of misty-eyed men.”

Och där blev de klara för Way Out West. Fräscht…

Bandet har också finsmaken att ha en bokklubb på sin hemsida. Mer sånt! Första boktipset från bandpappan Marcus Mumford var All the Pretty Horses av Kentuckyfavoriten Cormac McCartney. Boken börjar:

”He sat in the diner and ate a big plate of huevos rancheros and drank coffee and watched the gray fields pass beyond the wet glass and in his new boots and shirt he began to feel better than he’d felt in a long time and the weight on his heart had begun to lift and he repeated what his father once told him, that scared money cant win and a worried man cant love. ”