okt 5 2011

Bon Iver covers Dylan…


One of our times greatest, is covered by the finest of finest. Justin Vernon and Bon Iver covers Dylan.

The song ”With God On Our Side from the album ”The Times They Are A Changing” one of my favorit albums, containing ”Ballad of Hollis Brown” and ”Boots of Spanish Leather”, was recorded live at a Portland show a week ago.

Take a listen. Enjoy.

Bon Iver – With God On Our Side (Bob Dylan Cover) – SBG by See Beyond Genre

jul 30 2011

Meet Josh Garrels


Josh Garrels is a multitalented singersongwriter from Portland, Oregon.  This summer his latest album ”Love & War & The Sea in between” hit the streets, a true gem.

Garrels writes songs that span soundscapes and heartscapes. It´s that beautiful folkmusic touch between Woody Guthrie and David Grey.

It´s definately a record you need.

Josh Garrels – Don´t wait for me

Josh Garrels – Freedom

Nov 1 2010

What are you listening to, Al?


Photo: Sarah Jurado

Kentuckyseven proudly presents, Al James from Dolorean.

The acclaimed Portland band Dolorean, came with their debut Not Exotic in 2003, The New York Times said in their review ”The songs gesture at folk and country, but they do it quietly and slowly, as if hesitant to disturb Mr. James’s delicate parables. And yet, despite the stillness, this is a wild, passionate album.” Since then Dolorean has released Violence in the Snowy Fields 2004, You Can’t Win in 2007, and now releasing their fourth album The Unfazed  in january 2011.

We got a sneak preview of The Unfazed, and it will be reviewed soon here on Kentuckyseven. The titlesong can be heard on Dolorean’s website below.

What are you listening to?

–  I mostly listen to music on my turntable early in the morning when I wake up or in the evening while I’m fixing dinner.  My favorite music right now is a combination of new and old records.  I love the new Deerhunter album Halcyon Digest, Gonjasufi – A Sufi and a Killer, Damien Jurado’s Saint Bartlett, Lightning Dust’s Infinite Light, Woods – At Echo Lake, and Kurt Vile – Constant Hitmaker.  The older re-issues I’m loving are Bob Desper – New Sounds, Ted Lucas – The Om Record, and Lazy Smoke’s Corridor of Faces.

Best book read during 2010?

– Man, I love to read but don’t get as much time to read as I’d like.  My favorite contemporary author is Willy Vlautin.  I love his most recent novel that came out in 2010 – Lean On Pete.  Definitely the best book this year.

Who deserves a breakthrough in 2011?

– To be honest, I hope Dolorean has a big year in 2011.  We’ve been working so hard for so long.  I really want to reach more people with our music next year.  In addition to Dolorean, I hope that Mara Miller’s band Bosque Brown has a great 2011.  She sang a duet with me on The Unfazed.  I’m a huge fan of her voice and her songs.  She definitely deserves a bigger audience.

Kentuckyseven is hoping for a big year for Dolorean as well. If you haven’t met them yet, get to know Portlands finest at:

Dolorean @ Myspace @Spotify @Facebook @Partisanrecords or just check out Doloreanmusic