jun 25 2013

Can’t stop listening to: Flora Cash



A swedish-american lovestory… Cole and Shpresa, met via Soundcloud, and the music. Fell in love, created music together, and Flora Cash entered this world.

The music is intelligent, bold and very sophisticated and low key… An amazing sound which has us spellbound. Just can’t stop listening…

Listen for yourself:

Favorite tune: Mighty Fine

jan 30 2013

Drinkin’ Holly Williams


¤ Holly Williams was raised in Nashville and is the granddaughter of Hank Williams Sr.

She’s a sharp angel of mercy and puts the land back in country. We love the ride into the dark soil of Tennessee territory.

Her third album is out February 5 2013, check out the great tune Drinkin’.

. . .

okt 5 2011

Bon Iver covers Dylan…


One of our times greatest, is covered by the finest of finest. Justin Vernon and Bon Iver covers Dylan.

The song ”With God On Our Side from the album ”The Times They Are A Changing” one of my favorit albums, containing ”Ballad of Hollis Brown” and ”Boots of Spanish Leather”, was recorded live at a Portland show a week ago.

Take a listen. Enjoy.

Bon Iver – With God On Our Side (Bob Dylan Cover) – SBG by See Beyond Genre

maj 11 2011

Magnus Carlson & The Moon Ray Quintet


For the last year, Oskar Linnros song ”Från Och Med Du” been a monstrous hit back in Sweden. Now the amazing Magnus Carlson, the guy who fronted Weeping Willows with all that power and carisma, done an english version.

And man he has made it into his own.

Oskar Linnros said it was ”way too good” and we agree. Mr Carlson and the Moon Ray Quintet took the inspiration of Curtis Mayfield and The Incredible Bongo Band, and I dare anyone to sit still while listening.

maj 7 2011

On the rise: Abigail Washburn


Please check out the fantastic, everlasting, singing-songwriting, Illinois-born, Nashville-based clawhammer banjo player Abigail Washburn.

It´s oldschool American music as we love @ Kentuckyseven, but it is also a new vibe. It´s folky enough to build a village, adding a Springsteen-magnitude making me huffin n´ a puffin.

Her album ’City of Refuge’ is out, don´t miss this astonishing bluegrassbeauty. Til then, check out the single ’Chains’.

Abigail´s next gig in Europe:

¤ Fri 20 May London, Borderline.

mar 18 2011

Track of the day: Wye Oak – Civilian


The Indie/Folk/Rock duo Wye Oak from Baltimore are stuck in my headphones.  Andy Stack and Jenn Wasner creates massive harmony, while carefully letting us know. Know what is right and what is wrong. The album Civilian is definitely right.

Wye Oak is currently @ SXSW, follow them on twitter

Been hooked on Civilian – title track from the album, which was released by City Slang and Merge records this month. An album that really grows on you. If you don’t believe me, just listen and you will understand.

Wye Oak – Civilian by cityslang

mar 2 2011

Unsigned: The Echelon Effect


Rumbling through twitter, bandcamp, myspace and other great sites, you sometimes stumble upon some great stuff.

The Echelon Effect is one of those. Dave Walters the man, is creating some exciting and beautiful post-rock instrumental soundscapes. Like huge clouds of sound soaring through the sky, ripping tears into the mainstream lightblueish mash.

Currently Dave is working on a project called Seasons, which will document the year in a film and four EP’s. First one to be released in April.

Bad Panda Records will release the single ”We Will Spin Forever” this monday 7th march, be ready to check that out, and download it for free.

This is really something to crawl into, just turn up the volume, sit back, enjoy.

Check out The Echelon Effect @ The Echelon Effect and while waiting for the single, just watch this:

feb 13 2011

Review: Treefight For Sunlight – Treefight For Sunlight


Releasedate: 2011-02-14
Label: Bella Union

The high standard of bands out of Denmark the last years is tremendous. The Kissaway Trail, Oh No Ono the list can be made long. Now it is time for the world to say hello to Treefight For Sunlight.

With their first album on Bella Union, the band gives us a taste of what’s to come. The sound is sprung from bands as Beach Boys, Bee Gees, Beatles and other era-making bands. Treefight takes the sound and makes it their own, in the 21:st century-style. Harmonies mixed with melodies and dreams. My favorite songs on this album, Rain Air, Facing The Sun, and the invigorating What Became Of You And I?

This is one of those albums that will make you listen more than once, just to see if you missed anything. There is a lot to discover. To listen to again. And again. This is my kind of music.

Treefight For Sunlight is definitely a band to follow. They are bound for something big. I sure as hell hope so.

The verdict: 6/7 this is the album to buy this spring.

Listen to What Became Of You and I? Courtesy of Bella Union…

Treefight For Sunlight – What Became of You and I by Bella Union

jan 25 2011

Unsigned: Galapaghost, George Glass Band, Anthony Ruptak


Kentuckyseven has a mission. A mission to spread the word on great music.  Here are some guys you pay close attention to.


Casey Chandler from Woodstock NY, with his creation Galapaghost. Living in Austin TX, he has released 2 prior Ep’s and now releases his third, for free.

Casey has toured with John Grant, and played with such Kentuckyseven-favourites as Alessi’s Ark. The man has got something, something to tell. Listen.

Galapaghost is the singer/songwriter-styled music that is all what Kentuckyseven is about.

Runnin’ by Galapaghost

George Glass

The call themselves a pre-apocalyptic rock band, from L.A. A hard working band, doing all on their own budget and time. By the way they just had a vinyl release party for the EP.

If you wanna listen to George Glass live, you should be traveling to AZ or northern Cali, where they will be @ LaBrie’s Lounge in march. The full lenght will be released early 2012.

Meanwhile listen to the tunes on bandcamp, iTunes, spotify, amazon.

Anthony Ruptak

Singer/songwriter from Colorado, who is dedicated to music. For real. Influenced by Charles Bukowski and others in his writing, and has a thing for artists such as Bob Dylan, Bon Iver and Fleet Foxes.

A young writer born in the Rocky Mountains. Schooled by his mother and scorned by his father. He began to associate himself with music, realizing that it was the one thing he could control and contribute. The lyrics of the most recent songs deal with thematic issues and storyline that try to breach the gap between life and death, and capture the listener with the raw, acoustic feel.

Dec 10 2010

About Norman Palm…


Album Shore to Shore – Releasedate 2011-02-28

I recently got aquainted with a very interesting artist. Norman Palm.

Trying to find out more about the man I stumbled in to his corner at normanpalm.com, and started reading.

The man is not only a great musician, he is also a designer and an artist.

After graduating from both an artschool in Berlin and one in Paris he made his first album ”Songs” which he describes not only as an album but a recordbook. 200 pages of Palm’s artwork included.

Mr Palm, has released another album, but only in Germany, where he resides, when he isn’t down in Mexico City.
The album will hit the rest of Europe in February 2011. A review will be here on Kentuckyseven shortly. Album name? Shore To Shore.

I’ve started to listen to the album, and I can say so far, I am very intrigued. This is something else. Something new.

Wanna take a look, listen? Feel free…

Norman Palm – Easy (Vid)
Norman Palm – Easy (mp3)

Listen @ Soundcloud Norman Palm – Easy