Nov 7 2014

New music: Tiger Lou – Homecoming #2



One of my favorite swedish bands of all time Tiger Lou has returned home. A band that spawned from the solo act of Rasmus Kellerman (read WAYLT). Music that actually reshaped my taste in music in a way I didn’t realize until years later.

It has been quiet since 2008  and I nearly lost my faith… But my prayers were heard.

This friday we bring you, from the band that made some of the best albums of the first part of the second millenium (Is My Head Still On 2004, The Loyal 2005 and A Partial Print 2008) the first single from the upcoming album

The album is recorded at Matching Head Studios. Released on Startracks. Producer on the new album is Rolf Klinth, mixed by Peter Katis (The National, Interpol, Mercury Rev). The sound is more Tiger Lou than you could have asked for. Can’t wait.


mar 13 2012

What are you listening to… Tiger Lou?


Rasmus Kellerman photo by Hugo Kjellén
Photo by Pär Hugo Kjellén

One of the truly greatest album from a Swedish artist in 2005 was Tiger Lou’s ”The Loyal”.

With the feel of being inside a German car driving at top speed down a wet autobahn in the dark, just sensing the colors on the side of the road rushing by. Barely.

The despair and the joy in Rasmus Kellerman’s voice like a narrator to the movie that is played on the windshield. Pure magic.

The first album ”Is my head still on?” (2004) with the enormous hit single ”Oh Horatio” felt new yet timeless at release, it still does.
Tiger Lou’s most recent album ”A Partial Print” (2008) carries a heavy load, with great dignity. The music is unique in a very Tiger Lou way. Dark with a drive. Drums and guitars that remind us that it is possible to create great music with small means. Those ten minutes that is ”The More You Have To Give” and ”The Less You Have To Carry” is short of perfection in my book.

After three full-lengths as Tiger Lou, Rasmus Kellerman released ”The 24th” as himself. The sound is very different, acoustic, more personal, a diary if you will.

We had to have a talk to Mr Kellerman, to see what’s in store for 2012… and more…

What are you listening to, right now?

”Arrow” by Jacques Greene & Koreless, ”Nova” by Four Tet & Burial, ”Grace” by Keith Kenniff, ”Where Are Your People” by We Have Band, ”Josie” by The Darcys, ”Hold On” by SBTRKT, ”Be There In Bells” by The Pines, ”No Respect” by Machinedrum, ”Just Smile For Me” by Bondax & Bobbie Gordon.”

A regular song salad.

Best book read, in a while?

”I look forward to the two new Chuck Palahniuk books I just ordered. And I’m about to start Blue Nights by Joan Didion. Been a while since I finished a book. I’m an easy starter, hard finisher.”

Your hopes for this year?

”Get my shit together and write more songs for my new project, which is gonna be great. Finish up some new Tiger Lou songs perhaps, do a gig or something. Do a few techno tracks. Go to Greece in the summer. Become a better designer. Be a good husband. Have fun. Live/work in California.”

Three artist who inspire you?

”Right now I think what Burial is doing, and how he does it is very inspiring. That would be my ideal situation, being able to write & record your tunes in peace, and email them to someone and have that be it. No tours, to promo, no fucking around. Just music straight from one heart to another. Jacques Greene does some amazing rule bending, which I love. And Radiohead have their own universe.”

Who deserves a breakthrough in 2012?

”I think SBTRKT should be a household name. Him and Jacques Greene. The sheer melancholy, beauty and groove of the music they keep producing amazes me. I wanna be in their sphere. Me and everyone else.”


Kentuckyseven suggest you check out the sweetness created up until now…

Spotify: Tiger Lou, Rasmus Kellerman

mar 9 2006

Tiger Lou – The Loyal


Blir förvånad när jag lyssnar på ”The Loyal”, titelspåret på Tiger Lou´s andra full-längdare. Det låter så bra, så producerat, så självklart. En enormt bra låt. Jag blir orolig när jag hör den. Något ligger där och väntar under ljudmattan. Något mörkt. Skönt att den får spänna loss på 5:35 också, det gäller att lita på en bra låt.

Rasmus Kellerman, som tigern heter, gör annars engelskdoftande powerpop med bra texter. Lite Franz Ferdinand, lite Morrisey; intellektuell musik som känns i hjärnan istället för i magen. Pungsparksfritt.

Förra plattan var bättre, med ”Oh Horatio” och fler singer-song-iga låtar. Där greppade han ett större tag om både sina och mina känslor. Svärtan var tydligare.

Jag har hört Tiger Lou i radiointervjuer där han berättar om det hårda livet på de tyska vägarna. Nio gubbar i en minibuss. Mellan Bremen och Frankfurt. Regn. Dillchips. Soundcheck. Hoppas han fortsätter köra den vägen.

Betyg: fyra av sju K7´s.
Drick till: mellanmjölk från en rejäl jerseykossa.