apr 11 2011

Meet – The Elliots…


Photo: Louise Storm

You know when you suddenly, while watching a tv-series, hear the tune. The tune you have got to get. It could be that you are looking for these guys.

The Elliots are four extremely talented guys from the Swedish west coast, from the indie-rock-capitol that is know as Gothenburg. They have played together since 1990, and you can tell. Their music is an alternative-indie-rock-pop mashup, with excellence. Somehow it brings up names such as Killers, Band of Horses and with a splash of ”nineties” in it. A real sound, something very credible.

The band has been featured in several American tv-series, which is something not all bands get to experience. When listening to the new album ”Love / Decay”, which is to be released June 10, you know they have created something great. And those of you that pick up that album are in for something really good.

The first single  ”When Evil Happens” features guest vocals by Camela Leierth, a perfect match. The Elliots are, Petur Olafsson, Christian Rosengren, Fredrik Berggren  and Mathias Flodin.

A full review of the album will be posted closer to the release, but I can tell you this, this is something special. The emotional songs and melodies are magical. You just wait and see.

Meanwhile, check out the band @ TheElliots Twitter MySpace


feb 8 2011

Review: Sea of Bees – Songs For The Ravens


Label: Heavenly Recordings
Releasedate: 2011-02-07

Sea of Bees is Julie Ann Bee’s musical project. And the term project is well used in describing this album.

The songs evolve, changes and comes to life when listening to them. Just when you think that you got it, it takes another path. The world of Julie Ann Bee seems to drag you with it. The mysterious, sweet and yet dark songs seem to be telling you a story. Trying to catch on, I find myself humming along to songs I’ve not yet heard. Feeling poetic yet frantic.

The single Wizbot is one of those songs that just stick. From the very first note. Bee’s voice is clear yet fragile. There is something fresh yet familiar with this album. It is a building of sound. My feeling is that I’ve just entered the lobby. But I will make it to the roof.

Feels like a record that will grow with every listening. Right now it is a 5. Thanks for the ride Julie Ann Bee.

Listen to songs from Songs For The Ravens @ Myspace

Download ”Marmalade” @ Seeofbees.com