maj 20 2011

Review: My Morning Jacket – Circuital


Label: V2

Releasedate: June 6 2011

¤¤¤ Circuital is My Morning Jackets 6th studioalbum. The titlesong, and the album as a whole, is all about coming home.

The band with singer Jim James as the leader of the pack, got back to the homestate of Kentucky and made this one. Good move, it´s their best record so far.

Circuital was recorded in the gymnasium of a Louisville church under the aegis of producer Tucker Martine (Spoon, Decemberists). Converting the gymnasium into a recording studio must have been a pain, but it paid off. The album is recorded live, with James vocals recorded at the same time as the band´s performance.

First and foremost, this is an album. A unit of songs that belong together and need each other, a solidarity, a scarce item in the world of music today. I kneel to the power of these 10 songs. Together they break down walls.

In my mind My Morning Jacket is one of the world’s greatest rock n roll bands. They got their own thing going. You can only compare them to themselves. It´s like listening to a good friend, someone you don´t ever want to shut up. It´s like having drinks without the hangover.

Kentuckyseven (of course) loves Kentucky. My Morning Jacket is a great ambassador of the Kentuckian gospel. Long live the bluegrass state.

On #9 Slow Slow Tune I get a feeling of a high-school-prom. Standing next to a beautiful girl, or just a girl, hands sweating, guts disappearing, life pumping thru the veins. Feelings.

This is a classic record, don´t miss it.

¤¤¤ 6/7 Kentuckyseven´s

¤¤¤ Drink while listen: Bourbon

¤¤¤ Best songs: Circuital, Wonderful (The Way I Feel), Holdin’ On To Black Metal.

mar 28 2011

Review: Alexi Murdoch – Towards the Sun


Release date: March 28 on City Slang.

¤ Alexi Murdoch seems like a really cool guy. Born i London, raised in Scotland, Greece and France and then moved to North Carolina. Nowadays he lives in two places, New York and a small house on the west coast of Scotland where he spends his days writing and working on a small wooden sailing boat. I see – and thoroughly enjoy – that picture.

Now this british singer-songwriter releases his third recording, Towards The Sun. I was told this album was recorded in one sitting, one remarkable night in Vancouver during his 2009 North American-tour. Man, the intensity and the guts. Toward The Sun is a quiet and intimate album. It is often simple but touching lyrics, as in the beautiful Through The Dark: “I love you girl, I love you more than I can say, even with my heart in the way”.

I can´t help of thinking of two Swedes, Christian Kjellvander and Jose Gonzalez, with their unique sound. Together with Alexi Murdoch they are brothers in arms, wheter they like it or not. A kind of ruthless talent that won´t cave in. A sound of silence. It´s compelling and precious and right there infront of us.

Judge says: 5/7 Kentuckyseven´s

Best tracks: Some Day Soon & Through The Dark

Drink while you listen: Nero d´Avola