Nov 29 2010

Wells Tower


Wells Tower’s collection of short stories Everything Ravaged, Everything Burned (Granta) is a must-read.

The author (born 1973) grew up in North Carolina and lives in Brooklyn. His work was selected for the Best American Short Stories 2010 and it´s well deserved. This guy can write.

It´s eight or nine novels that in their own, twisted way makes a eerie picture of America. It´s dark and smart, a compelling debut. It´s better than an Ipad för christmas.

Nick Hornby loves Wells Tower and says ”when, in one of the stories, a woman finds out that her husband is having an affair because the footprint on the car windscreen does not match her own, you know you’re reading somebody who doesn’t come along very often.”

Everything Ravaged, Everything Burned is now presented in swedish (Härjat och Bränt), translated by Johan Nilsson och published by Brombergs.