Have you met…Cashier No. 9


Simon Raymonde from Bella Union and Cosmos Music Group opened our eyes for Cashier No. 9. The band from Belfast have become a Kentuckyseven-darling and we´re hooked on their sound, their cook-up of Northern Ireland and California. We´re hooked on their brilliance.

In the words of Simon Raymonde:

”When I heard the music, it was like finding that missing jigsaw piece. Taking cue from the 60s greats, like The Zombies, The Kinks and The Beatles, waltzing through the 70s with all the west coast Beach Boys flavours , all delivered with that swagger that has been missing from UK music since early Verve, early Stone Roses, early Oasis, and yet the most important ingredient is of course the songwriting of Danny Ford, singer and guitarist.”

Check out the vid: Goldstar

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