okt 6 2015

Meet: Holly Macve



Holly Macve is Bella Unions latest signing. A true godess of country dark songs. She also opens for John Grant on his upcoming tour. Asked why, Mr Grant stated: ”When I heard her voice the decision was made. Very simple.”

Bella Union boss Simon Raymonde says: “Little is known of Holly other than she is a 20 year old from Yorkshire who appeared out of nowhere in Brighton late last year. I had a tip-off to go to a basement bar where she was playing. In a room full of beery boys chatting across all the music beforehand, the minute Holly opened her mouth the room fell silent. Hers is a rare gift.”

We let her song speak for her, the beautiful fireside cowboy tune: The Corner Of My Mind.

sep 24 2012

What are you listening to… Stephanie Dosen?


Ever since 2007, one album has been haunting me. Stephanie Dosen’s –  ”A Lily For The Spectre” (Bella Union) that had to be one of the greatest, and most well kept secrets of that year.

The album is pure magic, and Dosen’s voice and presence is everything I wish for in genuine music. Her voice. Her distinct yet subtle way of presenting her stories, is nothing less than divine.

Stephanie Dosen, a Wisconsin born singer/songwriter of fantastic proportions, that later moved to UK and in 2008 became the lead vocalist for Massive Attack on their european tour. And the later, toured with the Midlake and also contributed with vocals on ”Bring Down” from the album ”The Courage of Others” (2010).

Been waiting to see what would be following that album up, but it has been really quiet, until the rumors start spreading that an album might be on the way…

An album with Simon Raymonde in the form of a band called Snowbird… And if you read about it on Bellaunion.com, we can expect contributions from Radiohead, Midlake and Jonathan Wilson. This is bound to be great, beyond great.

What you might not know: Dosen is super talented when it comes to knitting and designing… http://tinyowlknits.wordpress.com/

I had the opportunity to ask Stephanie some short questions… here is what she said:


– What are you listening to, right now?

”-My fountain, birds, wind chimes & ambient anything.”

– Best book read in a while?

”The Sea Priestess by Dion Fortune.”

– Your hopes for this year?

”Finish my book and get the Snowbird record out!”

– Three artists who inspire you?

”Joni Mitchell, Indigo Girls, Cocteau Twins.”

– Who deserves a breakthru in 2012?

”Whoever Einstein came back as.”


We are so looking forward to the Snowbird album, meanwhile…

A lily for the Spectre is one of my absolute favorite albums… if that has not already been made obvious… Listen for yourself:



sep 1 2011

Discovered… The Autumns…


Sometimes you discover bands or songs that was released ages ago. And sometimes it is just a couple of years ago.

Listening to Strangeways Radio, with Simon Raymonde, opened my ears to a band, completely unknown to me. The Autumns.

The Autumns has released a number of albums, the last one in 2007. But the album that really did it for me (7 years after being released) is the self-titled album that was released on Bella Union in 2004.

The album did receive a whole bunch of great words.

”This is one glorious album from a band which can produce music that is unutterably beautiful but also hugely powerful.” — MOJO – 4 Stars **** ”An A&R man’s indie rock wet dream, replete with a lavish phalanx of guitars and singer Matt Kelly’s acrobatic falsetto… Impressive stuff.” — Q – 4 Stars **** ”Never soars at anything lower than 30,000 feet.” — NME – 8/10 ”This album has such majestic chutzpah that the epic gene in you will simply surrender.” — The Times of London – 4 Stars ****

There is one song in particular, that really stands out. The End. I see myself putting it on over and over again. But this is something else. Large, dramatic and full of energy and darkness. Listen to the track on Spotify. If you, like me, missed it back then.

I know I could be preaching to the choir, but for those who didn’t attend in church…

The Autumns – The End on Spotify

jun 15 2011

Have you met…Cashier No. 9


Simon Raymonde from Bella Union and Cosmos Music Group opened our eyes for Cashier No. 9. The band from Belfast have become a Kentuckyseven-darling and we´re hooked on their sound, their cook-up of Northern Ireland and California. We´re hooked on their brilliance.

In the words of Simon Raymonde:

”When I heard the music, it was like finding that missing jigsaw piece. Taking cue from the 60s greats, like The Zombies, The Kinks and The Beatles, waltzing through the 70s with all the west coast Beach Boys flavours , all delivered with that swagger that has been missing from UK music since early Verve, early Stone Roses, early Oasis, and yet the most important ingredient is of course the songwriting of Danny Ford, singer and guitarist.”

Check out the vid: Goldstar