sep 16 2014

Strand of Oaks



• Timothy Showalter makes his Strand of Oaks twirl our world around. Huge music for huge emotions. If you dig Phosphorescent, My Morning Jacket, The War on Drugs – you’ll dig this.

Check out devestating song JM from 2014-album Heal out on Dead Oceans.

mar 20 2013

You’ve been BLEACHED



LA-sisters Jessica and Jennifer Clavin are the pumpedup punkband Bleached. It´s a molotov cocktail tasting both Ramones, Merle Haggard and 60’s psychrock.

New album ’Ride Your Heart’ hit us April 2nd on Dead Oceans, where Destroyer, Phosphorescent, The Tallest Man On Earth and Bear In Heaven also camps out.

There is something extremely liberating with the roundnroundnround guitar and self-evident voices on this gem – ’Next Stop’.