okt 15 2015

We met Pug



We had the good fortune of meeting Joe Pug yesterday in Gothenburg, Sweden. He’s on tour and played a great gig at Bar Kom. The ending, when the band left stage and strolled down onto the floor singing in the small audience was enchanting. Thanks for the magic, Joe!

We asked for some of Pug’s darlings and got this:

• Pod: The Moment with Brian Koppelman:  ”In this program, screenwriter Brian Koppelman interviews artists and business leaders that inspire him.  Specifically, he talks to them about how they handled certain crucial ”inflection points” in their lives.  That is, he wants to know why successful people process the high and low points of their careers differently than the rest of us.  Start with the interview he does of Seth Godin and move on from there.”

• Music: ”Warm Enemy” by Christopher Paul Stelling:  ”I had the pleasure of playing the Paradiso in Amsterdam with this American songwriter.  We swapped records after the show and I found myself returning to this tune.  His guitar playing is a personal, nylon-string take on John Fahey and Joseph Spence that is absolutely gripping.

• Book: The Remains of the Day, Kazuo Ishiguro:  ”I read this classic of modern fiction on the flight over to Europe this summer.  Told from the first-person perspective of a mid-20th century English butler – stay with me! – it explores the act of relinquishing the notion that your individual life had meaning beyond your own private joys and sorrows.  The narrator, Stevens, spends the book reflecting on a career that he spent in the service of an aristocrat whom he considered a ”great” man.  As the book unwinds though, he begins to question whether or not his employer was indeed great and therefore whether or not he himself spent a life doing meaningful work.  This is a short, wonderful read.”

mar 4 2015

Sweet man Joe Pug



• Our old-time favorite singer/songwriter Joe Pug from Greenbelt, Maryland released his new album Windfall on March 10th. As always it’s a treat around the corner.

The folky troubadour recorded this bunch of songs in Lexington, Kentucky; and from the sound of first tune out – If Still It Can’t Be Found – the man struck gold.

sep 13 2013

Joe Pug and the AA-guitar



This fine Friday it´s back to the roots, back to the dear Joe Pug. Here´s an oldie goldie from the americana man with the AA (aggressive acoustic) guitar, live and direct, ’Nation of Heat’.


jul 20 2011

Meet Joe Pug


The dear and everlasting Joe Pug have spent a good amount of time in my favorite town of Chicago, Illinois. If you´re into heavy stuff as Steve Earle, Bruce Springsteen, M Ward or Josh Ritter – this is your man.

Joe Pug – Hymn 101 – Soundcloud