mar 7 2011

What are you listening to, Lisa?


Photo: Olle Kirchmeier

The Concretes, one of Sweden’s unhidden treasures in indiepop-music, are on the road, ripping the US apart from coast to coast.

The band has released four full-length albums, since 2003, and has been alive since 1995. After the album ”Hey Trouble” in 2007, the band was on hold for a while, but regrouped stronger than ever and released the album WYWH in the autumn of 2010.

We caught up with Lisa Milberg, multi-talented singer of the awesome band, on the road, to see what gets her going on the tour-bus…

What are you listening to – right now?

– At this very moment: Running On Empty by Jackson Browne. Because apparently it’s a required listen when on the way to LA in a tour bus…

– Other than that I am all about R Kelly now.

Best book read during 2010?

– Just Kids by Patti Smith. Such a beautiful read.

Your hopes for this year?

– Peace, love, understanding. and a driver’s license.

Three artists who inspire you?

– Right now Alex Colville’s images really speak to me. They all have at least one song in them.

– Dirty Beaches Lord Know Best remains stuck in my mind.

– And Joni Mitchell warms my heart. Now and forever. Generally I find I am back to a lot the classics again. People who I have always loved, I love now more than ever.

Who deserves a breakthru in 2011?

– How To Dress Well.

Check out The Concretes @ The or on Spotify

maj 22 2007

The Concretes – Hey Trouble


Lisa Milberg, Maria Eriksson, Martin Hansson, Per Nyström, Daniel Värjö, Ulrik Karlsson och Ludvig Rylander är The Concretes. Ett band jag inte ser storheten i.

Påfrestande musik som luktar 60-talspop utan övertygelse. Retrokänslan hänger över produktionen, men jag hade hellre sett Concretes i 2000-talsskrud. De hade behövt bli uppkäftigare.

Vet inte varför, men jag tänker på Brainpool när jag hör Concretes. Inte direkt smickrande. Nej, return to sender.

Betyg: en av sju K7´s.
Drick till: fikonjuice