The Fields of Dean


If you come across an artist that describes himself as this guy, Dean Fields does, you wanna know what he sounds like:

It takes a long time for me to wake up. Often Ill get up in the middle of night, change the cat box, and go back to bed with no recollection of it.   Im an over-thinker and an undecider.  I make up words.  I went to grad school to pursue music and left grad school to pursue music.  I moved 7 times in 3 years between 4 states.  I have 300 voices with 300 accents for 301 different moods.  I cannot park a car.   My wife is the coolest person I know.  And she is not a horse.”

It got me intrigued, and I started to explore the songs of Mr Fields latest EP ”Under A Searchlight Moon”, which was released March 15. Stumbled over a bunch of well-written songs, catchy tunes with feel. Dean is from Richmond, Virginia and the Americana is more than present in the EP, to say the least.

This artist know his way around words and phrases. The music sounds like there is a straight line between the idea and the songs. Steel-guitars give the ambiance and authenticity that great American songwriters need.

My advice has got to be, check this one out, and hopefully you will find something that will find a place in you too.

Listen to ”Under a Searchlight Moon” on Bandcamp:

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