apr 16 2014

WE GIVE: Natural Child



You dig great outlaw-garage-fuzzers as Jeff the Brotherhood, Tweak Bird and Jacuzzi Boys? We sure do. But you aint seen nothing yet. Check out our new fav band Natural Child from Nashville, Tennessee. These guys got the vibe, let WE telleth YOU. Groovy shit for sure.

I was born in the 70´s and this is the American decade experience. Mr Young, Mr Dylan, Mr C Heat; behold. You´ll never ever sit still.

Check out their outstanding 2014-album Dancin’ With Wolves and by Lord, don´t miss the 2012-gem Hard In Heaven. Down below, listen to the almighty live version of Blind Owl Speaks and new song Firewater Liquor. Exit doors!

Dec 5 2012

Kansas Bible Company


Kansas Bible Company is a 11-man strong rockband from Nashville, Tennessee. Five-man horn line, three guitars, two drummers, one bassplayer. Guess you can say they have it all.

Their latest album Hotel Chicamauga was released this November. It is music you can not resist. We will not let you. Highly addictive, groovie guts all the way.


aug 7 2011

The Apache Relay


You into heavy drugs as Starsailor, Cold War Kids, The Head And The Heart, The Avett Brothers? Well we are, and guess our delight when we found a new fav band from Nashville, Tennessee.

The Apache Relay is lead singer Michael Ford Jr and his bandmates who creates thrilling folkrock, it´s sturm und drang and a happy shore to be washed upon. Their  sophomore album American Nomad is pure magic.

Eleven songs, one is the cover of the Springsteen-tune State Trooper from his everlasting Nebraska-album. Good taste, I´d say.

And don´t miss the title-track American Nomad. Beautiful Apachestuff.