apr 16 2014

WE GIVE: Natural Child



You dig great outlaw-garage-fuzzers as Jeff the Brotherhood, Tweak Bird and Jacuzzi Boys? We sure do. But you aint seen nothing yet. Check out our new fav band Natural Child from Nashville, Tennessee. These guys got the vibe, let WE telleth YOU. Groovy shit for sure.

I was born in the 70´s and this is the American decade experience. Mr Young, Mr Dylan, Mr C Heat; behold. You´ll never ever sit still.

Check out their outstanding 2014-album Dancin’ With Wolves and by Lord, don´t miss the 2012-gem Hard In Heaven. Down below, listen to the almighty live version of Blind Owl Speaks and new song Firewater Liquor. Exit doors!

mar 22 2014

The Double Header

Photo: Jonas Löfvendahl

Photo: Jonas Löfvendahl

Yesterday nite we dragged our souls down to Pustervik and the magical world of Woody West. The almighty double header of Israel Nash and Midlake was up for grabs.

750 people (sold out) joined in for a great show, one to remember. Mr Nash started out with his buddy Eric Swanson on pedal steel. The bearded voice of the Texas man reflects greatness of Neil Young and John Fogerty and the setting was beautiful. Bone-chillin stuff, distinct, heartwarming and very present.

Moments later Midlake turned their psychorock-volume up. Singer Eric Pulido have turned out a perfect front man for the gang of fuzzy vividness. The audience played a great part and the love from the band to the city of Gothenburg is for real. The flute orchestra marched on and yes, Roscoe is still the perfect song.

Israel Nash came upon stage for a wonderful Fearless together with the band, Friday complete. Check out Israel’s song Rexanimarum from his 2013-album ’Israel Nash’s Rain Plans’, out on Loose Records – and have a great weekend.

aug 10 2013

Two thirds and the hand of Poncho



• Thursday came and went with the awful news of Ponchos hand. The Crazy Horse guitar man broke his fingers and Neil Young cancelled the show. Too fucking bad. In our humble opinion Mr Young could´ve picked up a acoustic guitar, lit up a small bonfire on stage and given the audience a solo show of the ages. But hey, hey. Shit happens.


So thank god for the Alabama Shakes. The voice of Brittany Howard mesmerized us and the garden of lunatics back at Slottsskogen. A rocking sweating emotional gig to remember.

Then friday came. Or should we say Håkan Hellström. The swedish all star just slammed dunked his hypnotic eyes in the super bowl of love. Songs like ’Valborg’, ’För sent för edelweiss’, ’En midsommarnattsdröm’  and the ending, evergrowing ’Du är snart där’. Tears in our eyes.


A special note to Of Monsters And Men & Johnossi who both made beautiful shows. Cracking stuff.

Today we enter on a high. Phosphorescent, Dungen, Iris DeMent, Goat, Cat Power, James Blake, Alicia Keys, Miriam the Believer. We calleth upon ya´ll.

jul 24 2013

WOW countdown – 15 days



We´ve got 15 days to go til the epic Way Out West start their everlasting engines in Slottsskogen, Gothenburg, Sweden. Kentuckyseven are proud to be onboard and covering this shit for ya´ll.


First out in our countdown of violently cool artists who´ll tender our loins – hero and musical freedom fighter numbero uno; Neil Young. Mr Young will take his crazy horses upon stage August 8th. Hey, Hey. My, My.

Check out his great whistelingtune ’Walk Like A Giant’ from the beautiful 2012-album ’Psychedelic Pill’. 16 minutes of pure heaven.