apr 25 2011

Review: Alessi’s Ark – Time Travel


Release: 2011-04-25

Label: Bella Union

Alessi Laurente-Marke, is exactly what the world needs. Her music deserves to be heard by every each and one. The 21 year old british musician, is doing just about everything right.

Her sophomore album ”Time Travel” is no exception. The sound is familiar, but it has grown. Oh how it has grown. From her previous releases, it has made a journey, to new higher grounds. The lyrics are greater, still narrowing down just so they fit the exquisite guitars and pianos of what is Alessi’s Ark.

I must have exceeded the number of times you are allowed to listen to an EP, listening to her EP ”The Horse” from 2008. Four songs that completely blew my mind, and still do.

”Time Travel” feels like the right way, to get to know Alessi, if your ways haven’t crossed before. The way the album winds down several beautiful roads, with the delicate voice of Alessi, is like beeing on a great excursion, in forests, fields and the countryroads of which ever great country on earth. And beeing guided by these songs is just close to perfection.

I still haven’t had the luck of seeing this great artist live yet, but from what I have heard, it is just as beautiful, so I keep waiting. Waiting for the Ark to set sail for sweden. I will be at the docks waiting.

6 out of 7, what else is there to do? This is amazing stuff.

Wanna know more about the artist Alessi’s Ark? We had the fortune of getting a word with Alessi, a while ago… read more.


mar 17 2011

What are you listening to, Teddy?


I´m a sucker for good-ol-country-music. And what a perfect countryvoice Teddy Thompson got going on. He floats around in ”das gebit” with air under his feet, sweeps from ol to alt to his own folkpop.

All with the love and tenderness so badly needed in the world.

TT has made epic songs as Looking For A Girl and In My Arms and is right now touring America from coast to coast. Bella is Thompson’s fifth studio album, released February 7 in Europe and February 8 in the States. Do check it out on Spotify or Myspace.

Five Q’s for Teddy:

¤ What are you listening to – right now?

”David Ford, an English singer songwriter and Krystle Warren.”

¤ Best book read during 2010?

”Keith Richards book.”

¤ Your hopes for this year?

”Good record sales, lots of touring and world peace.”

¤ Three artists who inspires you?

”Ray Charles, My mum, Rufus Wainwright.”

¤ Who deserves a breakthru in 2011?

”Krystle Warren.”

feb 22 2011

What are you listening to, Howard?


Kentuckyseven proudly presents Howard Eliott Payne.

In 2009 one record ruled them all. Bright Light Ballads, from the brit HEP. An album which still mesmerizes, captures and clings. It’s been on heavy rotation since I first bought it.

Howard has been writing stuff for other artists, but lets us know that he is planning something for himself. For us.

The artist is dylanesque, to say the least, yet very personal and gripping in his singing. If you have missed his album, go get it, right now.

We got in touch with the man:

What are you listening to?

– Elvis Costello and the Attractions: This Years Model
– Aaron Neville: Hercules
– Elliott Smith: XO
– Dr John: Gris Gris

Best book read during 2010?

– Tearing Down The Wall Of Sound, The Rise And Fall of Phil Spector by Mick Brown

Who deserves a breakthrough in 2011?

– Ren Harvieu, She’s something else.

Let’s say you haven’t heard HEP, please check him out here @ YouTube

jan 19 2011

What are you listening to, Langhorne?


I´ve loved Langhorne Slim, or Sean Scolnick if you will, since the first day I heard him sing. It´s something about him. Something wonderful and unique. One day I will shake his hand and buy him a cold one. That is a promise.

His last album hit the scene 2009, and instantly became my #1 album of the year. Since then this 30 year old folkrocker from Langhorne, Pennsylvania has been on stage. On every road, as Mark Knopfler said. He is wandering the soil of America and you can hear it in his voice.

Kentuckyseven is proud to present a smalltalk (a WAYLT) with Slim. Check out his next gig = Jan 19 Belly Up Tavern CA, Jan 20 Galaxy Concert Theatre CA, Jan 21 The Music Box CA, Jan 22 The Fillmore CA.

And let´s give him a hrmph for admiring the K7-darling book.

Langhorne, what are you listening to right now?

”Bill Withers Live at Carnegie Hall.  It is amazing!”

Best book read during 2010?
”The Master and Margarita.”

Who deserves a breakthru in 2011?
”We are currently on tour with an artist from Scotland named Ryan Lauder and we love him.  Check him out!!”

Langhorne – Home, Langhorne – Myspace, Langhorne – Spotify.

Dec 17 2010

What are you listening to, Rocky?


Photo: Christopher Nelson

We really got into Rocky Votolato during 2007. His album The Brag and Cuss hit Kentuckyseven´s toplist of the year.

Rocky is still very much with us, often late at night when the going gets tough and we need a little te-te-tenderness. There he shows up with his voice and his harmonica. A dear friend.

Votolato´s latest album True Devotion could be his finest work up to date. He was born in rural Texas, lives in rainy Seattle (cheers from rainy Gothenburg), and makes music sweet and rare.

This is a guy to follow to the bitter end, and his concept of Living Room Shows (he gets into your house!) is pure genius. We got hold of Rocky on the road, asked him a couple of questions.

What are you listening to?

”Cat Stevens – Tea for the Tillerman, Kris Kristofferson – Greatest Hits, Sigur Ros – (). Most rotation right now gotta be Me Without You – Brother Sister.”

Best book read during 2010 ?

”Autobiography of a Yogi – Paramahansa Yogananda.”

Who deserves breakthru in 2011?

”A really great band from Springfield, MO called Ha Ha Tonka (Bloodshot Records).”

¤¤¤ Check out Rocky Votolato on twitter, myspace or youtube. He´s on Barsuk Records, just finished a European tour and we hope to see him in Sweden asap.