sep 17 2012

Have you met… Goodnight, Texas?


I am fully aware that I am a sucker for real grit-folk-americana-music. So this band really hit the spot. Hailing from both North Carolina and California, the two singer-songwriters Avi Vinocur and Patrick Dyer Wolf created ”Goodnight, Texas”, a band that makes music the way it was supposed to be like.

The music sounds exactly as I expected after seeing the album cover from their forthcoming debut ”A Long Life of Living” which will be released october 2. It is winding, real, filled with mandolins and banjos and simply amazing harmonies.  If you are looking to find something real this fall. This is the album to look for.

Check out their sweet and take a listen to the first single of the album…

maj 11 2012

Have you met… The Young Romans?


The Young Romans, Brad Hooks and Saria Mellafe started their joint music venture in the spring of 2010. Their first EP ”Yesterday Night” was recorded and released in the fall of 2010. The L.A. duo released their sophomore album”Tiger Child” in march this year, and the titletrack from the album can be heard right here.

The band have become known for their haunting melodies, seamless harmonies and their infectious songs. And for good reasons I might add, the songs stick to you like superglue. I was hooked at first listen.

One of the songs from ”Tiger Child”, “Where You Go” is the end credit track in the anticipated Ewan McGregor / Emily Blunt movie “Salmon Fishing In The Yemen”.

Magical stuff. Listen.

feb 28 2012

Have you met… Greylag?


A while ago, I stumbled upon this duo, based in Portland Oregon, and I am still pleased that I did.

When I first heard their single from the upcoming album I felt like everything was more than all right. The voices of Andrew Stonestreet and Daniel Dixon together with their exquisit music is just what the doctor ordered. Think a cleaner Local Native’s with more folk, more roots, more of that warm fuzzy feeling.

What really hits me is the deep sensation of closeness to the heart. It sure sticks to you, and I eagerly await the album.

Greylag’s debut EP ”The Only Way To Kill You” arrives in May 2012 on Ninth Street Opus, I suggest you check out the single. And wait for the rest… Spring is near.