aug 26 2015

Palace Winter is here

Photo: Daniel Buchwald

Photo: Daniel Buchwald

• Like the dreamy sound of Kurt Vile and Woods? Then: don’t miss Palace Winter! It’s a Danish-Australian duo who got forthcoming EP Medication coming up. This beat is impossible to sit still to.

The title of song Menton is also the name of a French town where Carl Coleman (one half of Palace Winter) stayed in the summer of 2014 at the hotel Winter Palace, which also inspired the band name. Enjoy!

mar 25 2011

Review: Low Anthem @ Pustervik 2011-03-24


Photo: Maria Gunnesson.

¤ This night was something else. Woody West gathered three bands, all in that crowded, rowdy place called Pusterviksbaren, a small yet beautiful Thursdayfestival. The Head And The Heart started out, and man – you can tell why they were the talk of the town in Austin (SXSW). A band that just made new friends, Kentuckyseven will follow their great path. Then Woods did their folk-psych-thing and killed it. Jeremy Earls voice is from space, intense stuff. And then they entered stage, The Low Anthem.

These Rhode Island-fellas brought everything with them on stage, 14 instruments to choose from. Singer Ben Knox Miller started out with Ticket Taker from their 2009-album Oh My God Charlie Darwin and just rolled with it. We heard Hey All Your Hippies, Boeing 737, Apothecary Love and their most swedish song ever I´ll take out your ashes. The band mixed their folky roots with some aggressive rocktunes and let it all out. The place was packed, I had to lean over on the harmonium just to write these lines.

The Low Anthem is a great liveband. This Bella Union-quartet tours all the way to November and I would enjoy every gig. They lay their hearts out on stage and don´t think twice about it. It´s what they do. Jeff Prystowsky hitting the drums, Jocie Adams with that trumpet, it all makes sense, live music at its core. Before the lights went off they did a couple of a cappella´s and you got that religious, goosebumpy, powerful feeling. You know, just glad to be around when it happened.

Judge says: 6/7 Kentuckyseven´s.

Best song: Charlie Darwin.

They play next: Hamburg, Germany, March 25.

Look out for: Kentuckyseven got an interview with The Low Anthem coming up, stay tuned.

okt 22 2010

Woods – At Echo Lake


Hakar på psychfolktrenden. Ja, det är ett ord.

Här är Woods. Skönt band från Brooklyn som släppt sin femte platta i år. At Echo Lake är en svängig samling. Får känslan av att bandet jammat fram plattan på någon veranda bakom ett vitt trähus med liggande panel mitt på en åker där majsbrännvinet flödat fritt.

Jeremy Earls röst är som hämtad från 60-talet. Ett perfekt eko från en svunnen tid.

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