aug 18 2015

Way Out Aftermath


What Way Out West is really about? Down to the bone? Here’s the Kentuckyseven Experience. Buckle up.



Giant and their boots-cover-LP. The porcelain toilet of the press centre. To dance beneath the diamond sky with one hand waving free. Warm sun, cold beer. The search for Jason Isbell. Walking down Linnégatan in the rain. The drugs. The girls. The greatest song on Appetite for destruction.



The apartment in Kullavik Centrum where it all started. The side burns of Woody-Kim. Sturgill Simpson, the ruler of our kingdom. The tears. The bus rides. The search for Jack White. The pitch dark Father John Misty chatting away. Grey Goose served by Rocky Balboa. A sweaty small stage of Pustervik.

Photo: Olof RIngmar

Photo: Olof RIngmar

Photo: Olle Kirchmeier

Photo: Olle Kirchmeier

The uncertain uniformity. The Tallest Man On Earth Olof Lundh. The afternoon talks about producer Dave Cobb. The Canadian Fireball’s. The search for Ray LaMontagne. The intense smell of urine. The ducks of the lake. Late nite work in a deserted pressroom. Pizza at midnight, then Burgers at four.


Photo: Jonas Löfvendahl


The eternal beauty of Emmylou Harris. The bond of a 30 year-old friendship. Making money of gunslinging ponchos with Zlatan and The Epic Split. Talks of Vince Neil. Reunions. The next year, the WOW-decade. The missing of dead friends. The search for Ryan Adams.

aug 15 2015

Way Out Friday


And so it continues… The Friday experience was covered in sunrays and beautiful gut-wrenching tear-making soul-surfing music all over town.


7/7 Kentuckyseven’s

Photo: Jonas Löfvendahl

Photo: Jonas Löfvendahl

Kentuckyman Sturgill Simpson knocked us down and out! The early bird gig at 13.00 inside the tent of Linné was nothing but legendary. He strolls on stage and gets going. The hard-knit band with Miles Miller on the smallest drum set ever seen, bassman Kevin Black, guitarman Laur Joamets and pianoman Jeff Crow sets pace. It’s groovy country music, so great tears fill my eyes again and again. The feeling in Sturgills voice, that 70-country-twang, turned into excellence. Every song got a jam session and when they end with Listening To The Rain (Osborne Brothers) emotions run high. Sturgill Simpson, we love you.


5/7 Kentuckyseven’s

Photo: Jonas Löfvendahl

Photo: Jonas Löfvendahl

Emmylou Harris and Rodney Crowell have camped together for decades in the country and folk business. They kind of made it. On stage everything is boiled down to the ground. What remains is the backbone, the foundation modern day songwriters firmly stands on. Emmylou is still the most beautiful and coolest cat in the house – and to hear Townes Van Zandts wonderful Pancho & Lefty live on stage in the middle of Slottsskogen, Gothenburg a hot summer day feels like a true blessing. Thanks!



Photo: Olle Kirchmeier

7/7 Kentuckyseven’s

When Florence Welch enters the stage, it all comes together. Before she even opens her mouth, you know that this is going to be THE gig of WOW 2015. Welch is a force of nature. Something wild and untamed and packed with love for everyone and everything. The set list is magnificent, and the concert doesn’t have one shred of time that isn’t filled with love. This is by far the best concert by Florence + The Machine I have ever witnessed. I am so lucky to have seen it. I am blessed. I am in love.


6/7 Kentuckyseven’s

Photo: Jonas Löfvendahl

Photo: Jonas Löfvendahl

The punkband from darling Manchester rocks the socks of Pustervik way into the darkness of night. They tell us straight away: we got 30 minutes to play – no time to mess around. When the third song, the great Young Girls, hits us like a Joy Division-fist we’re hooked for life. It’s in your face, dirty & dark, sweaty & sweet, a homerun all around Järntorget. It’s the red light district exposed. They take us to the Northern Quarter of Manchester, to Canal Street and the hollow bars. The band is nowaydays (two albums in) on Bella Union and for sure got greatness ahead.


Fil 2015-08-15 12 37 25

Photo: Magnus Säfström

4/7 Kentuckyseven’s

Stay Out West holds some great concerts. Natalie Prass went on stage @ Pustervik at 11. Her voice is impeccable, and in Bird of Prey it really shows what an great artist she is. The variety in the gig gets a bit confusing, and sometimes a bit hard to concentrate and to keep up the interest. But when she gets that electric guitar back up again and lets her hair hang down and gives us My Baby Don’t Understand Me, she is brilliant.

aug 11 2015

Countdown to WOW: Natalie Prass (Stay Out West)




With the line up for Stay Out West, who needs anything more? Ever?

Natalie Prass, is what Rolling Stone Magazine defines as one of “Ten New Artists You Need To Know.” and one of Time Magazine’s “15 Artists To Watch in 2015.” That is what a lot of artists would kill to be, once, in their whole career.

Prass’ music travels over many genres and sounds. Her voice keeps growing and never lets you go, that firm grip, that delicate subtle, yet strong soft whisper, that holds more power than you thought you came for. Pure and clean. Hits me right there, every time.

Natalie Prass will be playing friday @ Pustervik, be there in time. You don’t wanna miss this Virginian pop-country/singer/songwriter.

feb 11 2015

Dry the River



• London-quartet Dry the River got a new song out, the emotional thunderstorm of Rollerskate.

In their own word this is ”folky inspired gospel music performed by a post punk band”. We say dig!

See this shit live? Try March 31 Pustervik Gothenburg, April 1 Debaser Strand Stockholm or April 2 Babel Malmö.

aug 25 2014

New release: J Mascis



• The Dinosaur Jr frontman J Mascis releases his brand new soloalbum Tied To A Star August 26. From what I´ve heard so far it is beautiful, tender and lo-fi mellow. This is a guy who masters his trade, no doubt.

As a bonus J Mascis will tour Sweden Dec 17 (Gothenburg) and Dec 19 (Stockholm). Check out the two new songs Wide Awake and Every Morning below, cheers!

mar 22 2014

The Double Header

Photo: Jonas Löfvendahl

Photo: Jonas Löfvendahl

Yesterday nite we dragged our souls down to Pustervik and the magical world of Woody West. The almighty double header of Israel Nash and Midlake was up for grabs.

750 people (sold out) joined in for a great show, one to remember. Mr Nash started out with his buddy Eric Swanson on pedal steel. The bearded voice of the Texas man reflects greatness of Neil Young and John Fogerty and the setting was beautiful. Bone-chillin stuff, distinct, heartwarming and very present.

Moments later Midlake turned their psychorock-volume up. Singer Eric Pulido have turned out a perfect front man for the gang of fuzzy vividness. The audience played a great part and the love from the band to the city of Gothenburg is for real. The flute orchestra marched on and yes, Roscoe is still the perfect song.

Israel Nash came upon stage for a wonderful Fearless together with the band, Friday complete. Check out Israel’s song Rexanimarum from his 2013-album ’Israel Nash’s Rain Plans’, out on Loose Records – and have a great weekend.

sep 28 2012

Japandroids enters stage


Japandroids will tear Pustervik, Gothenburg, Sweden down tonite. They’ll get onstage and rock hard. It´s what they do.

Japandroids is a Vancouverduo. It´s punkrock, garagerock, indiestuff that blows up in yer face.

Japandriods is guitarman Brian King and drummer David Prowse. Watch them crash.

jun 4 2011

Interview: The Low Anthem


June 4 The Low Anthem´s USA-tour hits our dreamvillage of Louisville, Kentucky. They play Headliners Music Hall (together with Daniel Lefkowitz and The County Line) and it will for sure be a night to remember.

Kentuckyseven had a chat with bandleaders Ben Knox Miller and Jeff Prystowsky when they visited Gothenburg, Sweden. We talked about Pringles chips, the soundtrack of Sweden and the smart kids of Deer Tick.

Welcome to Sweden! Last time you played here were a much talked-about gig at Pustervik in the summer of 2010. You recall?

“Sure, that was one special evening. It was late, late at night, a really rowdy crowd who had their fair amount of Swedish beer.  We started out with all our instruments on stage and I know we looked at each other and didn´t know which way it would turn. But after three or four songs we knew, everything connected and we really enjoyed it.”

You even played to the crowd in line outside the bar who couldn´t get in?

“Yeah, that’s right (laugh). It was sold out and a long line of people stayed outside. It was raining, and we stopped and played a song for them outside. The night was dark, it was very special. “

The song  “I´ll Take Out Your Ashes” is your most Swedish song ever, Ingmar Bergman-style. Beautiful, guilty, sad feeling. Like a soundtrack of Sweden. What can you say about that song?

“Really? Well now for sure we will play that one tonite. The song was written a night after hanging out at a bar with my friend who just told me a story about her mother passing away, about how her family was feuding about how to deal with the ashes. The family was fighting about who should come to the ceremony, and who shouldn’t. Meanwhile the ashes was at my friends house, on her kitchentable. For months. She more or less wrote the song, just telling me the story.”

In our ears you got two different type of songs. One aggressive, direct, rock-style. One slow, thoughtful, folk-style. Why does it come out like that?

”It’s all about commitment. We just don’t play the arrangements. We keep ourselves to a high standard of really being there emotionally in the songs. And whether it’s the loudest, most abrasive song or the most beautiful, inviting rich song, it’s the same level of commitment to it, so I think that is the same about those two styles. I really didn’t look at it as a matter of styles, just a matter of intensity.”

You´re from Rhode Island. What can you say about the place?

”We live in Providence, in Smithsville. There is a wonderful community of artists there, and an artschool, and Brown University, where we went. The schools are very liberal, and the area is very un-American. And also it is very off-the-map, no national music comes there. Which is kinda good.”

Deer Tick is another Kentuckyseven fav-band, also from Rhode Island, you know them?

”Sure, we know them. They are wild, but it is somewhat staged… they are actually smart kids, they are making an effort to look weird you know. They love the artistry, and they are cool like that. By the way, you need to check out another guy from Rhode Island, Death Vessel. And Brown Bird, you need to check them out as well.”

Social Media, such as Facebook and Twitter. Is that important to you? How do you handle it?

“We don´t.  I think it´s pretty boring for the fans with a twitteraccount that some publisher or pressguy takes care of. It´s seldom from the artists themselves, and rarely any personal and interesting stuff.” But we do write all the emails, for the mailing lists and such.”

Finally, the future. Where will The Low Anthem be, say in 10 years?

”Making records.”

Artist to artist:

Q: John Grant:

”How have you managed to keep from having your collective digestive systems destroyed by the ravages of Pringles whilst on the road?”

A: Ben Knox Miller: ”I think that the food at the venues saves us, coz if we were left at our own devices we would probably eat the food from the gas stations, you know those Swedish hot dogs, love em. So we balance the crappy food with Pringles. And ketchup.”

The gig after the interview was amazing, and the guys were as well. We hope to see them again in Sweden soon. And by the way, the played their most swedish song, upon request…

Read the review here: The Low Anthem @ Pustervik

apr 15 2011

What are you listening to, Thomas?


One of 2010 best albums,  came from this man. Thomas Jonsson, AKA I’m Kingfisher. The album, ”Arctic” was released by Playground Music, the harbour of great swedish music. I’m Kingfisher is one of the greatest in that crowd.

The man has toured with artists like Ed Harcourt, and has recorded stuff with artists such as Rosie Thomas (one of my all time favorites) Damien Jurado, Ned Oldham and other great acts.

He is currently on tour with Damien Jurado, and will be playing @ Pustervik (Woody West, again with the majestic bookings) and later in Malmö and Stockholm.

Thomas is a man with a plan, Arctic is just a part of a trilogy plan, and one can only imagine the great stuff that is coming our way. We’ll be waiting. Impatiently, but still.

Got a word with the awesome swedish singer-songwriter that is I’m Kingfisher…

What are you listening to right now?

– A lot of instrumental drone stuff. I just fell in love with Earth’s newest album ’Angels of darkness, demons of light I’. This year I think Earth, Mogwai, Tennis, Thomas Hine and James Blake have done really good stuff.

I’ve also recently listened a lot again to last year’s best album ”St Bartlett” of Damien Jurado, since I just got it on vinyl after our show in Copenhagen a couple of days ago. And oh, it has also been a lot of Efterklang’s newest.

Best book read during 2010?

– Der Ganze Weg by Kristin Berget, Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer, Fantasiön by Henrik Brandao Jönsson and Poetry of Birds (anthology)

Your hopes for this year?

That I will tour as much as I want while finishing the recordings of my next album, as well as an album with a new Swede-Swede-French collaboration project I’m a part of. That mink farming will be banned once and forever. That sound engineers on my shows from now on and forever will set my guitar sound as loud as I want without questioning me.

Three artists who inspire you?

Recently: Victoria Legrand, singer of Beach House.
For the Arctic album: Six Organs of Admittance. Forever: M Ward.

Who deserves a breakthru in 2011?

– Dear Euphoria, my favorite Swedish band, whose 2010 EP ”This Night will Flee” contains ”Rescue”, one of last year’s two best pop singles (together with Sleigh Bells’ ”Rill Rill”). It’s on Spotify!

I for one, is going to see I’m Kingfisher on sunday, and I know for a fact that you can still pick up some tix.

Listen to the magic that is ”I’m Kingfisher”…

I’m Kingfisher – Artic by Playground Music

apr 5 2011

Have you met… The Head and The Heart


Photo: Dylan Priest (

Sometimes when you see or hear a band for the first time, you just know.

At the extraordinary mini-folk-festival put together by Woody West, I met The Head and The Heart for the first time. And I was floored. The sound, the harmonies and the people on stage, just had me at he…

They were praised at SXSW and no wonder, their music is something else. The American roots are built in, to the very last particle of the sound. The vocals and of Jon, Charity and Josiah together with the rest of the band just exploding off stage, in that powerful feeling of love for what they do. It is breathtaking. In any way possible. It is ”up above” in a way not even the songs can explain.

I know, it sounds like some being in love for the first time, but I am in love. This is something special. Something very rare. I had the pleasure of talking to both Jon and Charity that night, and the feeling just kept going. These are persons that just make great stuff, for the love of it.

The Head and The Heart will release their debut album on Heavenly Records in Europe (Subpop US) and for those of you who haven’t met them yet, I suggest you pick that album up. On April 18. Currently touring with The Low Anthem, if they are heading your way, make sure to hold a ticket.

If you wanna fall head over heels, just like I did, just get on that first date, by listening to the song below. And hopefully, you will hit it off.


HVN 213 The Head and the Heart – Lost In My Mind by heavenlyrecordings

Check out and follow them on: