okt 7 2015

Blitzen Trapper



• All the way from Portland, Oregon: Blitzen Trapper and their new album All Across This Land. It’s a divine alt-country lecture, class is dismissed.

You dig classic rock radio; Eagles, Jackson Browne, Springsteen, Mellencamp, the americana songs of Neil Young? Then, this is a shoe in. You are welcome.

okt 6 2015

Meet: Holly Macve



Holly Macve is Bella Unions latest signing. A true godess of country dark songs. She also opens for John Grant on his upcoming tour. Asked why, Mr Grant stated: ”When I heard her voice the decision was made. Very simple.”

Bella Union boss Simon Raymonde says: “Little is known of Holly other than she is a 20 year old from Yorkshire who appeared out of nowhere in Brighton late last year. I had a tip-off to go to a basement bar where she was playing. In a room full of beery boys chatting across all the music beforehand, the minute Holly opened her mouth the room fell silent. Hers is a rare gift.”

We let her song speak for her, the beautiful fireside cowboy tune: The Corner Of My Mind.

okt 2 2015

John Byrne Band



• Philadelphia-based Americana group John Byrne Band are releasing their brand new record. Led by Dublin native John Byrne, with influences ranging from The Chieftains to Planxty to Bob Dylan, this is something you wanna hear out.

On this LP, John’s band features members of Amos Lee and Calexico and his lyrics is about turning bad stuff around. Check out first single Dirty, Used Up, Chewed Up, Screwed Up Love, a defiant folk-rock song that echoes John Hiatt and Lucinda Williams.

okt 1 2015

The return of Kristofer Åström



Singer/songwriter Kristofer Åström from Luleå is back after three years of silence. New album The Story of a Heart’s Decay got the 70-vibe we adore, a glimpse of long highways, packs of cigarettes and lukewarm beer.

”I’ve always had songs in me, never had a writer’s block. I really wanted every song on this record to be better than everything I’ve done before”, Kristofer says.
He nailed it. The album was recorded live in Gothenburg and all involved got guide lines to follow: No instruments or microphones manufactured after 1978 was to be used. The aim: An old sound, without sounding old. Old but new.

sep 25 2015

Mr Ryan Adams



• Genius Ryan Adams covers Taylor Swifts album 1989 from beginning to end. It’s a Nebraska-kind-of-mood and an altogether fantastic trip you have to take. It’s no wigs and no costumes.

Try the ever emotional Out Of The Woods.


sep 18 2015

Crash n Recovery



• Swedish Americanaband Crash n Recovery got the twang of greatness – foot-stomping, earthy, country music from the woods of Ångermanland.

New album Deep in the woods (released via Rootsy) will for sure be their break away record. Try song Minefield and have a good one!

sep 17 2015

New song: The Dirty Nil

Photo: Yoshi Cooper

Photo: Yoshi Cooper

• The Dirty Nil release new track ”No Weaknesses”. The Canadian trio of Kyle Fisher (drums), Luke Bentham (guitar/vox) and Dave Nardi (bass) got us celebrating life through a a solar-plexus-fist, an absolute knock-out.

The band has their first full-length album slated for an early 2016 release on Dine Alone. Get ready to rumble!

sep 16 2015




• Tvärvägen made some serious, down bound, glorious and pitch dark songs from the cellar of eternity. Gut-wrenching and thought-provoking. Takes the breath out of our lungs.

Moniker Henrik Öhberg came up with classic cinematic stuff here, we’re glad to tag along for the ride. Try title song This River So Red from upcoming album, release September 18.

sep 9 2015

Rearview: Tell Tale Signs



Bob Dylan is everything and more. He is the ground we stand on and the air we breathe. Without him, nothing.

Every now and then Dylan release bootlegs filled with alternative takes, unreleased stuff, live recordings – a gift that keeps on giving.

A humble thanks to our hero and check out Most Of The Time below. This is very far from the take that landed on the Daniel Lanois-produced album Oh Mercy back in 89. It’s from Tell Tale Signs (2008, bootleg 8) – stripped down and amazing. Breaks us down every single time.

sep 7 2015

Meet: Josh Ritter



• Dig that moving sound? That Mellencamp or LeMarc stuff where a song simply keeps driving and keeps growing and keeps pounding and don´t ever stop or even come up for air. It’s a thing of vast beauty.

Check out Josh Ritter and his song Where The Night Goes from new album Sermon On The Rocks (release Oct 16).