aug 18 2011

Miss K…


Deer Tick, the band who made one of last years absolute greatest album ”Black Dirt Sessions” is releasing another album.

The name of the album is Divine Providence and it is the fourth album in five years. Listening to the song they have released for download ”Miss K”, it sounds like good ol country is having a part in this one.

Recorded and produced at home in Rhode Island, the record will be out come October 25 on Partisan Records.

Hell, it is a long way to both Tipperary and October 25. Listen to ”Miss K” right here… Deer Tick – Miss K.

Read more? Interview with Ian O’Neil from Deer Tick, made in November last year… What are you listening to Ian?

aug 16 2011

Brown Bird – Salt for Salt


Photo: Mikael Kennedy

When we interviewed The Low Anthem earlier this year, they mentioned Brown Bird as something to listen in on. We did.

Brown Bird is David Lamb and Morganeve Swain. From Rhode Island, like so many other of the greatest bands that we have met. Their music is, as they put it themselves, ”best listened to in a room of wood”. Could not agree more.

It is Americana, the way it was intended. It makes you stomp your feet, nod your head and just close your eyes and dream of the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Their forthcoming full-length will be released october 18 by Supply & Demand. If you like long beards, beautiful voices, banjo and sweet sweet music, you wanna pick that one up.

Listen to Fingers to the Bone…

Brown Bird – Fingers to the Bone by supplyanddemand


jul 14 2011

Have you met… The Barr Brothers?


I would guess that this is not the last time we come across a great band from Rhode Island. Deer Tick, The Low Anthem and a whole bunch of them springing from a what seems to be a well with no bottom.

Brad and Andrew Barr is no exception, The Barr Brothers have been making music, or fighting their entire lives. And you can tell. This is genuine and pure love. A love for the music.

The Barr Brothers just signed with Secret City Records. Home of such great artists and bands as Patrick Watson & the Wooden Arms, Plants and Animals, Miracle Fortress, Basia Bulat and more. They should feel right at home.

The self-titled album will be released september 27th. I think you want to check that out. Meanwhile, listen to Beggar in the Morning. Sweet sweet stuff. From Providence…
The Barr Brothers – Beggar in the Morning by SecretCityRecords

jun 17 2011

Joe Fletcher & the Wrong Reasons


Picture Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, and Leonard Cohen, somewhere there among those voices and sounds are Joe Fletcher & the Wrong Reasons, this magnificent Rhode Island band. Mr Joseph Fletcher has a voice that convinced me from the first line. And the Western-shirts worn in the videos I’ve seen, testifies of the authenticity of the band.

Listening to the album White Lighter, I notice how I move from dreary rainy Swedish june-days to a dusty and rural American countryside. The country that gave birth to this genre. The genre that keeps changing, for the better.

Joe Fletcher and the Wrong Reasons are a great part of taking the great Americana and Country music to the next level.

Check it out… and start stomping your feet.

Nov 16 2010

What are you listening to, Ian?


Rhode Island has given the world a lot of good things. Most commonly known by us swedes is probably the sallad dressing, which probably would cause a frown or two on a real Rhode Islander, since it probably only exists in sweden.

One thing thing that really do exist in Rhode Island is the extraordinary band Deer Tick. A high voltage live band that has spellbound a lot of people, and definately us on Kentuckyseven. The band plays the kind of music that appeals to people who really appreciate real music. The alt-country sound mixed up with relevant rocksounds from decades back in time.

The band has released three astounding albums, War Elephant (2008), Born on Flag Day (2009) and The Black Dirt Sessions (2010). We are pretty sure that the latter will be on a great number of Best of 2010 lists, it will surely be on Kentuckyseven’s.

The band has just ended their north-american tour, which we hope was seen by those able. Deer Tick is a Kentuckyseven favorite, and we hope and pray to see them in Sweden. Soon.

Deer Tick released all their  albums on Partisan Records, who seems to find the core artists, in the genre. And then some.

We got a hold of Ian O’Neil of Deer Tick…

What are you listening to?

– I’ll try to speak for the whole band as much as I can. I can safely say that a good few of us can’t get The Replacements ”Tim”, J. Roddy Walston and the Business’ latest album and Mark Sultan’s latest record out of our van. I’ve been getting back into Bob Dylan’s ”John Wesley Harding” and ”Nashville Skyline”.

Best book read during 2010?

– We have some pretty different tastes in books. Lots of true crime for John, looks of Three Musketeers stuff for Chris, Robbie can devour anything in record time. I’ve loved reading Raymond Carver’s poems ”Aqua Marine” and ”Norwood” by Charles Portis. Both bangin stuff. I think I’ve seen ”The Rum Diary” by Hunter Thompson traded around.

Who deserves breakthru in 2011?

– My vote would be that J. Roddy Walston and the Business make a ton of money.

If you have missed Deer Tick, don’t kill yourself about it. Their entire catalog is available from Partisan Records, on iTunes,  and on vinyl in well-sorted recordstores. Go get it.

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