feb 13 2011

Review: Treefight For Sunlight – Treefight For Sunlight


Releasedate: 2011-02-14
Label: Bella Union

The high standard of bands out of Denmark the last years is tremendous. The Kissaway Trail, Oh No Ono the list can be made long. Now it is time for the world to say hello to Treefight For Sunlight.

With their first album on Bella Union, the band gives us a taste of what’s to come. The sound is sprung from bands as Beach Boys, Bee Gees, Beatles and other era-making bands. Treefight takes the sound and makes it their own, in the 21:st century-style. Harmonies mixed with melodies and dreams. My favorite songs on this album, Rain Air, Facing The Sun, and the invigorating What Became Of You And I?

This is one of those albums that will make you listen more than once, just to see if you missed anything. There is a lot to discover. To listen to again. And again. This is my kind of music.

Treefight For Sunlight is definitely a band to follow. They are bound for something big. I sure as hell hope so.

The verdict: 6/7 this is the album to buy this spring.

Listen to What Became Of You and I? Courtesy of Bella Union…

Treefight For Sunlight – What Became of You and I by Bella Union

jan 11 2011

Treefight for Sunlight…


Photo: Søren Rye

Treefight for Sunlight is the band to pay close attention to in 2011. With their selftitled debut coming out february 14 they will take off into the treetops.

The band was named New Band of the Day by The Guardian.co.uk and my guess is they will be a lot of magazines band of the year, come december of 2011.

Born in Denmark are the four extraordinary musicians Mathias Sørensen (drums,vocals), Morten Winther Nielsen (guitar, vocals), Christian Rohde Lindinger (bass, vocals), Niels Kirk (piano, vocals) and the music they are creating  smells and feels new but has a delicate taste of the 60’s and 70’s. Harmonies and vocals that reminds you of golden days. Beautiful stuff.

One of my favorite tunes from the upcoming album is up for listening by the courtesy of Bella Union, listen and enjoy:

Treefight For Sunlight – What Became of You and I by Bella Union

For more of Treefight For Sunlight visit them @ Myspace