jan 10 2011

Tweak Bird – Acoustic


From Manchester Scenewipe comes this incredibly cool vid, the majestic Tweak Bird performs their ”The Future” in all its glory:

Tweak Bird from MCR Scenewipe on Vimeo.

Check out Tweak Bird @ Spotify for more tracks from one of 2010’s best album according to Kentuckyseven.

jan 9 2011

The smell of beard


Grand Rapid´s singersongwriter Nathan Kalish made a beautiful soloalbum last year. We found it in our backviewmirror and it appears bigger than most other stuff. Away from his regular Wildfireband, Kalish has made nine songs in true K7-spirit. It smells of bearded men & Makers Mark, country & western. An honest tale.

Delicate Veins (released on Caveman Records) got the rootsy Michigan Women “Hey pretty lady, won’t you keep me warm/through the Michigan winters of my soul”, the introsong The Morning “I like to see it in the morning, when the earth still feels new, and the grass still has dew” and the epic All my life with that chillin disted guitar.

Next gig? Nathan Kalish and the Wildfire, Fri 14th, @ Jukes, Grand Rapids, MI.

NK – HomeNK – SpotifyNK – Myspace.

jan 5 2011

Deadhorse all around


Let´s face it. We are all dead horses. 4th of January Deadhorse released their new album. The post-rock-gang from Erie, Pennsylvania got something great going here. Love the tunes, love the ambient freakish sound, love the attitude.

The band is Brian Morgante, Seth Young, Rachel Shesman, Michael Messenger, Garrett Janos, and other talented people. Deadhorse often change their starting XI. It´s a rotating circus of deephearted and beautiful stuff.

Next gig, Feb 19, St. Marys, PA

Deadhorse – Myspace

jan 3 2011

Amazing Grace…


Was watching Letterman, couple of days after christmas and had the luck of catching the amazing performance of Grace Potter & The Nocturnals. If you wanna get your rocks on, you better be prepared. This is serious stuff.

The band from Vermont has opened for The Black Crowes, The Avett Brothers and now their third studio recording ”Grace Potter & The Nocturnals” is out.

This is what stoned me this christmas:

Meet Grace and The Nocturnals on:


Dec 28 2010

Joanne Shaw Taylor


Goin down that road again. This is blues 2010. Joanne Shaw Taylor has got it all. The voice and (lordy lord) the fingers on that Telecaster. I´m back to the first Jonny Lang record – and diggin away.

When Joanne was a little schoolgirl, she was caught by the rough side of the blues: SRV, Albert Collins, the Paladins, Jimi Hendrix. At Christmas she got her first electric guitar. Good call.

Her new album Diamonds in the Dirt, released on Ruf Records, was recorded in the States. It´s more riff and roll, a bit tougher than her debut White Sugar. She´s playing in Wolverhampton tomorrow, get it while it´s hot.

Check out Joanne Shaw Taylor on spotify, myspace or da homepage.

Dec 24 2010

Merry Deer-Mas


Kentuckyseven says Merry Frigging X-mas to all you lovely people around.

Let´s celebrate Christmas all summer long.

Dec 17 2010

What are you listening to, Rocky?


Photo: Christopher Nelson

We really got into Rocky Votolato during 2007. His album The Brag and Cuss hit Kentuckyseven´s toplist of the year.

Rocky is still very much with us, often late at night when the going gets tough and we need a little te-te-tenderness. There he shows up with his voice and his harmonica. A dear friend.

Votolato´s latest album True Devotion could be his finest work up to date. He was born in rural Texas, lives in rainy Seattle (cheers from rainy Gothenburg), and makes music sweet and rare.

This is a guy to follow to the bitter end, and his concept of Living Room Shows (he gets into your house!) is pure genius. We got hold of Rocky on the road, asked him a couple of questions.

What are you listening to?

”Cat Stevens – Tea for the Tillerman, Kris Kristofferson – Greatest Hits, Sigur Ros – (). Most rotation right now gotta be Me Without You – Brother Sister.”

Best book read during 2010 ?

”Autobiography of a Yogi – Paramahansa Yogananda.”

Who deserves breakthru in 2011?

”A really great band from Springfield, MO called Ha Ha Tonka (Bloodshot Records).”

¤¤¤ Check out Rocky Votolato on twitter, myspace or youtube. He´s on Barsuk Records, just finished a European tour and we hope to see him in Sweden asap.

Dec 15 2010

Bobby Bare Jr


Kentuckyreaders, meet Bobby Bare Jr. This autumn he released his album A storm, A tree, My mothers head on Thirty Tigers/Albino Recordings.

The southern rocker – born raised and living in Nashville, TN – grew up with George Jones as his next door neighbour. Lucky bastard.

This is sweet altcountry with twisted lyrics. The record was made after a tragic accident (albumtitle) but came out a great piece of music.

BB Jr – Spotify

BB Jr – Myspace

Dec 13 2010

Asli Erdogan


Who said that reading a novel should be easy? That you should hit your comfort zone, cozy around the mansion in warm slippers enjoying the ride? Not me, and certainly not Asli Erdogan.

The turkish author, born 1967 and living in Istanbul, has made a great novel – The City in Crimson Cloak. It takes place in underclass Rio de Janeiro, were the young women Özgür walks the streets of the big and voilent sambacity. It´s surreal with the city as a head character and a novel within the novel.

It´s a dark tale, if you´re into the heavy stuff of Kafka and Dostojevskij you´re in for a treat. Her language is beautiful, it´s written with dispair. It´s misery and trouble .

Kirmizi Pelerinli was written twelve years ago and is now translated to swedish by Ulla Lundström. Staden i den röda kappan (The City in Crimson Cloak) is published by Rámus in Sweden and by Soft Skull Press in the States. Give it a read.

Dec 10 2010

About Norman Palm…


Album Shore to Shore – Releasedate 2011-02-28

I recently got aquainted with a very interesting artist. Norman Palm.

Trying to find out more about the man I stumbled in to his corner at normanpalm.com, and started reading.

The man is not only a great musician, he is also a designer and an artist.

After graduating from both an artschool in Berlin and one in Paris he made his first album ”Songs” which he describes not only as an album but a recordbook. 200 pages of Palm’s artwork included.

Mr Palm, has released another album, but only in Germany, where he resides, when he isn’t down in Mexico City.
The album will hit the rest of Europe in February 2011. A review will be here on Kentuckyseven shortly. Album name? Shore To Shore.

I’ve started to listen to the album, and I can say so far, I am very intrigued. This is something else. Something new.

Wanna take a look, listen? Feel free…

Norman Palm – Easy (Vid)
Norman Palm – Easy (mp3)

Listen @ Soundcloud Norman Palm – Easy