feb 15 2013

Premiere: Charity Children – Elizabeth



Premiering right here on Kentuckyseven, the wonderous band Charity Children (Chloë Lewer, Elliott McKee) and their debut single ”Elizabeth”.

Starting out as street musicians in the streets of Berlin, for the first time ever their music can be heard outside the pavements of Berlin. This band from New Zeeland has got a unique sound, indie-folk at its very best. The unique sound is created from an impressing 15 musician strong ensamble that has created this over the last two years.

A full album will be released during 2013, this single is the first taste of what’s to come. We say: magic. And as one of a few chosen ones, we are proud to be able to present: Elizabeth

The single will be released 18th of february… but for your ears, right now, here on Kentuckyseven:

feb 5 2013

Have you met… Kanada?



Kanada, is Johan Hammarbäck and his acoustic guitar. This Stockholmian has painted a perfect picture with his vocals and his strings. No hidden agenda, heart on the sleeve, pure and unafraid. It is really up close and personal.

This first release from Kanada is very much about the person behind the music ”These song are about my life, a lot of things has happened to me in the last few years, I’ve become a father, I’ve been married, divorced, found a new, true love and found myself in the process. And it’s all in these songs”

Hammarbäck explains ”After listening to Johnny Cash’s American albums and hearing (Swedish rock star) Ulf Lundells album Xavante it hit me that I could do this on my own, just record my songs, my voice, my guitar. So thats what i did”

Take a listen. The EP ”If Not for You” is out today.

Wanna know more about Kanada… check out: kanadamusic.com

jan 30 2013

Drinkin’ Holly Williams


¤ Holly Williams was raised in Nashville and is the granddaughter of Hank Williams Sr.

She’s a sharp angel of mercy and puts the land back in country. We love the ride into the dark soil of Tennessee territory.

Her third album is out February 5 2013, check out the great tune Drinkin’.

. . .

jan 25 2013

With a Light Heart


Foto:  Christian Teittinen

• With a Light Heart is a band from Bua, Sweden. Frontman Eric Rangarsson with bandmembers Linnea Ljungblad, Hugo Widmark, Victor Eriksson create a epic, eerie landscape of the Bon Iver-kind.

It´s flying over a misty moor. A fishing boat blues. Debut-EP ”Lost at Sea” is out, check the grand song; Homewards.


Dec 19 2012

Unknown: Todd Ramey


Found this on Soundcloud. No idea who Todd Ramey is. Just know she sings with the presence of the essence – of greatness.

The song ”John Prine” gives a tale bout countrylegend John Prine who gigs Filadelfiakyrkan in Stockholm March 4 next year.

The  former mailman was once discovered by Kris Kristofferson who thought Prine played so good  ”we’ll have to break his thumbs”.

Dec 13 2012

Meet: The Plastic Pals


The Plastic Pals is a highway rock n roll band from Stockholm, Sweden. They got their influences right up our alley and creates an immense Americana-Garage-vibe.

Check out the single ”Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea” below. Produced by Chris Cacavas (Calexico, Giant Sand). The LP ”Turn the Tide” hit us February 6.

Nov 15 2012

Meet: Patrick Sweany


Patrick Sweany is a great bluesrocking man from Ohio. Haven´t heard him yet? That is a dog-on-shame.

This guy got the voice of an angel. A drunk rockstar of an angel. We love him to death.

Want more of Mr Sweany, check out his latest – supergreat – record That Old Southern Drag.

okt 22 2012

Listen: Jake Bugg


Ya’ll need to listen to this guy… Born 1994, in Nottingham. The inspiration is quite obvious when listening… Nuff said. This is all you need for the rest of the year. Get it?


okt 4 2012

John Ola. Black Holes. Double Vision. Clairvoyance.


Kentuckyseven is all about great music. Great musicians and great creators. In 2009 we hooked up with our good friend John Ola. Then, an angry member of the awesome punk-band C-Armeé.

Now the man has released some seriously wicked music. And an amazing video. So looking forward to the album. We will look out… Meanwhile:

svarta hål dubbelseende klärvoajans from john ola on Vimeo.

Check out: JohnOla.se

okt 3 2012

Reverend Peyton Big Damn Band


Reverend Peyton Big Damn Band is a great footstompin deltablues hillbilly trio from Brown County, Indiana.

They mix their evil americana drink without any trace of remorse. This is the badlands.

Check out their song Devils Look Like Angels from the new album Between the ditches. Great stuff!