okt 1 2013

The Temperance Movement



Man, this is groovy as a snake tail in Virginia County. I can´t sit still and – BY GOD – I won´t. It´s boot stompin, hoot humpin, loot lumpin. All of my trouble – and trouble is my only friend.

The Temperance Movement is a wonderful, british americanaband that will rock’n’roll our ages this fall. Hell aint a bad place to be…cheers to Glasgow-born singer Phil Campbell.

Check out this great tune Only Friend, from the debut LP (namned after the band – The Temperance Movement) out this fall. Rock. On.

sep 17 2013

Debut single: TDel2



Kentuckyseven brings you the wonderful debut single from space invader TDeL2 the remarkable song Fearless Youth. The song is a great wide open, massive sound, subtle guitar, epic and uplifting. An auspicious beginning for this new artist.

TDeL2 is the alias of Tony DeLuca, based out of Omaha, Nebraska and he is the first artist Monkey Records has signed from the USA. The debut album, Barnegat, will be out early November.

It´s a don´t miss.


jul 8 2013

Listen: Civil Wars – Poison & Wine



Sometimes you just know… No need for explanations, no need for analysis… A great song, by a great band. In 2011 this song saw the light of day, and I just found out today.

The band Civil Wars, Joy Williams and John Paul White, two great singer songwriters just make great stuff, and have a great following. We love this shit.

Their material is enchanting in so many ways, listen…

jun 25 2013

Can’t stop listening to: Flora Cash



A swedish-american lovestory… Cole and Shpresa, met via Soundcloud, and the music. Fell in love, created music together, and Flora Cash entered this world.

The music is intelligent, bold and very sophisticated and low key… An amazing sound which has us spellbound. Just can’t stop listening…

Listen for yourself:

Favorite tune: Mighty Fine

jun 21 2013

Have you met… Song Preservation Society?


song preservation society photo by Nika States 2

Sometimes… You just know when you stumble upon real music. Real musicians. Real emotions.
A friend in LA wrote me a letter, letting me know that she had something for me. Something that would be right up my alley.
I dont know if she knew how right she was. When I first heard the Song Preservation Society, I was baffled. I was in love.

This is for real. This is what what happens when real musicians and real writers get together and create. I feel small. I feel in love.
If you are totally unaffected by this, please let me know. Otherwise, just smile to your fellow person. Knowing you have met the love for music.

Song Preservation Society is Trevor Bahnson, Ethan Glazer and Daniel Wright. Their debut EP, Ready Room, was recorded in the fall of 2012 with guidance from the much respected Nino Moschella, ”master of coaxing”.

In my world, the sound of these guys is not to be placed on any coast of the vast country they operate in, but a national treasure. Listen, understand or let it just keep your heart in shape…

apr 19 2013

Wake Owl in Wild Country

Photo: Madison Rowley

Photo: Madison Rowley

Wake Owl is the talented  Colyn Cameron, born and raised in southern Cali. He worked on different farms throughout the UK, Germany, Chile and Canada, and traveled the world, before settling down in Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, BC.

His sound is very raw, very honest, very terrestrial. Very groovy. Check out the five-song debut-EP, here´s the titletune ’Wild Country’.

apr 16 2013

Meet: Courtney Jaye



• Courtney Jaye from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is a well traveled singer songwriter we dig. She lived in the Hawaiian island of Kauai as well as in music cities such as Austin, Texas and Nashville, Tennessee.

This great gal have worked with geniuses as BRMC and Dallas Green. She got class others only dream about. Enjoy her great tune ’Say Oh Say’ from the brand new LP ’Love & Forgiveness’.

mar 20 2013

You’ve been BLEACHED



LA-sisters Jessica and Jennifer Clavin are the pumpedup punkband Bleached. It´s a molotov cocktail tasting both Ramones, Merle Haggard and 60’s psychrock.

New album ’Ride Your Heart’ hit us April 2nd on Dead Oceans, where Destroyer, Phosphorescent, The Tallest Man On Earth and Bear In Heaven also camps out.

There is something extremely liberating with the roundnroundnround guitar and self-evident voices on this gem – ’Next Stop’.


mar 15 2013

Meet: Daniel Pearson



Long Way Round is the great new single from epic singer/songwriter Daniel Pearson. This is plain-great-songwriting from the talanted Mr Pearson.


feb 21 2013

Meet: Valerie June



Valerie June is on our mind. This bluesforce from Humboldt, Tennessee, will take over the world as we know it. And man she rocks.

The song You Can’t Be Told is produced and co-written by Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys and Kevin Augunas  from Florence and The Machine. You can shake the BK-vibe all over, yet Valerie June got her own dirty-swampy-rootsy-thing going on.

Her debut album is coming up, we say dig.