sep 20 2011

Review: Lanterns On The Lake – Gracious Tide, Take Me Home


Release date: 2011-09-16
Label: Bella Union

The sextet from Newcastle. With such an introduction, you kinda wonder what you are in for. Thinkin of Newcastle, brings, at least for me up pictures of dirty workers, hard life, and pretty rough music style.

Lanterns On The Lake sounds nothing like Newcastle. The dreamy sound of Hazel Wilde’s voice and the almost creepy closeness of the rest of the band. It is intimate, it is an exciting mix of dreampop-americana-shoegaze-greatness.

The album, the eleven songs stick together, though not conformed. This is an album that will evolve with every listen. I am still mesmerized by how large it is. The feeling of complete and utter understanding of sound. Sound that you carry with you for a long long time.

Once again a debut album makes me really really excited. Music at its very best.

5 out of 7 for Lanterns On The Lake. I am sure that they will be on a lot of EOY-lists when we sum up 2011. I am sure.

Listen to ”Keep On Tryin” from the album…
Keep On Trying by Lanterns on the Lake


jun 17 2011

Joe Fletcher & the Wrong Reasons


Picture Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, and Leonard Cohen, somewhere there among those voices and sounds are Joe Fletcher & the Wrong Reasons, this magnificent Rhode Island band. Mr Joseph Fletcher has a voice that convinced me from the first line. And the Western-shirts worn in the videos I’ve seen, testifies of the authenticity of the band.

Listening to the album White Lighter, I notice how I move from dreary rainy Swedish june-days to a dusty and rural American countryside. The country that gave birth to this genre. The genre that keeps changing, for the better.

Joe Fletcher and the Wrong Reasons are a great part of taking the great Americana and Country music to the next level.

Check it out… and start stomping your feet.

apr 12 2011

The Fields of Dean


If you come across an artist that describes himself as this guy, Dean Fields does, you wanna know what he sounds like:

It takes a long time for me to wake up. Often Ill get up in the middle of night, change the cat box, and go back to bed with no recollection of it.   Im an over-thinker and an undecider.  I make up words.  I went to grad school to pursue music and left grad school to pursue music.  I moved 7 times in 3 years between 4 states.  I have 300 voices with 300 accents for 301 different moods.  I cannot park a car.   My wife is the coolest person I know.  And she is not a horse.”

It got me intrigued, and I started to explore the songs of Mr Fields latest EP ”Under A Searchlight Moon”, which was released March 15. Stumbled over a bunch of well-written songs, catchy tunes with feel. Dean is from Richmond, Virginia and the Americana is more than present in the EP, to say the least.

This artist know his way around words and phrases. The music sounds like there is a straight line between the idea and the songs. Steel-guitars give the ambiance and authenticity that great American songwriters need.

My advice has got to be, check this one out, and hopefully you will find something that will find a place in you too.

Listen to ”Under a Searchlight Moon” on Bandcamp:

sep 16 2010

Cowboyhatt på.


Fick ett skönt tips från Rönn DMC, Ryan Bingham, en singer/songwriter som luktar rodeo.

Mannen är Americana personifierad. Man kan höra hovarna mot den snustorra marken. Stor Stetson.
Det är Country, det är Blues, det är amerikanskt så det förslår. Och det funkar, när man känner saknaden efter de slitna bootsen från förr.

Ligger på Lost Highway Records, och har släppt 3 vax där. Andra sköna på LHR: Ryan Adams, Morrisey, Jayhawks och en massa andra legender.

Rolling Stone  skrev om Bingham’s första platta Mescalito (2007)  ”earns his sepia-toned album cover with a dusty wood-and-steel sound, and despite being twenty-five, sings like Steve Earle’s dad.”

Lyssna upp på Spotify vetja:

Ryan Bingham – Junky Star