aug 9 2014

Way Out West: Day 2 – Sway Out West…


Kurt Vile & The Violators


”An epic display”



The ragged, smelly Stay Out West-crowd entered the Opera house of Gothenburg and the rest is history. Kurt Vile made it a night for the ages. The Pennsylvania longhaired slacker dude slammed his guitar into bits and pieces, an absolute epic display that bubbled into cosmos and back. Divine, heartwarming, bone-chilling. The crisp and pitch perfect sound of the opera chamber made the Vile night almighty justice.


Conor Oberst


”Up for the fight”


Photo: Olle Kirchmeier

Photo: Olle Kirchmeier

All the way from Omaha Nebraska…Mr Oberst in his wide-brimmed hat. Behind him, folk-rocker band Dawes, and the front man is up for the fight. The combo Dawes+Conor is a perfect match and I sure hope they stay together. Oberst sits down at the keyboard, he spins and turns with his acoustic guitar, and beautiful Americana songs as Zigzagging Towards the Light and Artifact #1 gets under our skin.


I Break Horses


”dark and powerful”

Photo: Björn Johansson
When Maria Lindén enters the dark stage @ GBG Filmstudios, the anticipation is super high. Wearing a veil she delivers just what everyone came for. A dark and powerful night of sounds and vocals that seem to be close to perfection. Only some technical errors seems to bother the singer. No one else hears any errors, just magic. I will keep this night close to me for a long time.

jul 31 2014

Way Out West 2014 – One week away…



With only one week to endure, until Way Out West starts in Gothenburg, the anticipation is on a dangerously high level.

Next thursday at 20.00 The National will enter the Azalea Stage in Slottsskogen. This will be great as always. We will be there.


jun 23 2014

Listen: New single from I’m Kingfisher – Force of Habit



Our dear friend, and very much a Kentuckyseven favorite I’m Kingfisher has given us something new and beautiful. The new single ”Force of Habit”, from the forthcoming album, is immensely good. The darkness is there, and the light. Thomas Jonssons voice crowns the music in a way few singer-songwriters manage. The sound of his guitar together with that heavy bass is just pure magic. It appeals to me in so many ways. I just can’t wait for the full length…

When we summed up 2010, Arctic, I’m Kingfishers latest album, Arctic, was right there. Just saying.

Take a minute and listen to some real fine music:

jun 5 2014

New Release from Rival Sons – Great Western Valkyrie



One of our favorite bands of all times are letting some of their magic hit the streets tomorrow, june 6th. Great Western Valkyrie, the new album is very much longed for.

Rival Sons just played in Stockholm a few nights ago, supporting Aerosmith… But will return in august to play @ Storsjöyran… Will they magically appear in Slottskogen also?

Wanna hear this masterpiece today? Just press that little beautiful triangle… And enjoy!

maj 23 2014

Rearview: Funeral Party



In 2008 this band released the meanest EP of that year. ”Bootleg” had that raw, unafraid sound of a breaking band from L.A. The album did not really live up to my expectations, although a fantastic album all the same. But the songs that led up to it all. Those first tunes still has me dancing like a maniac.

So crank that dial up the maximum, break open that bottle and kick off those sticky shoes. Funeral Party makes this friday too easy!


maj 15 2014

Waiting for Way Out West… Nicole Sabouné



This summer, the town of Gothenburg is once again blessed with the greatest festival we have ever seen. Way Out West will make this city glow in august.

One of the great acts that will give the festival its golden shimmer is Nicole Sabouné, who with her debut album ”Must Exist” has Kentuckyseven on our knees. The music sounds like it is meant to be played on stage in front of screaming music lovers. We will certainly be there.

Listen to this marvelous piece and close your eyes and picture yourself in front of the stage… at Stay Out West, in August.

maj 5 2014

Have you met… Brother North?



The duo Brother North is Freyr Flodgren and Lucas Enquist. The town of Umeå, in the very north of Sweden, has raised these great musicians. The talented and very multifaceted voices and the great harmonies appeal to my cold Swedish sense. An escape into the warmth of music. Listen and see for yourself…

The self titled debut album was released this week. One of my favorite songs ”Pool of Her” beautiful stuff, just beautiful… And the Icelandic song Krummi… Great stuff. This is something else…

apr 15 2014

Have you met…. Mount David?



Mount David is David Andersson, a singer songwriter from Sweden. A man with a voice made of gold. Listening to his music strengthens the sensation of why we love music so bad. A genuine signal in the sound of white noise, a beacon of good feelings and great warmth.

Mount David resides on the same label as I’m Kingfisher Kite Recordings, a Kentuckyseven favorite. And just yesterday, he released a new song… Sit back. Relax. Enjoy.

apr 3 2014

Listen: My Silver Lining – First Aid Kit



The magical sisters of First Aid Kit, a real swedish wonder, are releasing their fourth full-lenght album. June 10th ”Stay Gold” will hit the streets. But as of today, you can hear the brand new single ”My Silver Lining” from the forthcoming ”Stay Gold”, available on Spotify for all to hear and enjoy.

A taste of what’s to come. And it sounds very very promising. I look forward to the album, if it is half as good as their last masterpiece, we are home.

aug 30 2013

Listen: Night Beds – 22



This friday, the music comes out of Nashville, from a band with a very loose and unclear bio. But the sound is nowhere near unclear, it is clear and unpretentious.

Night Beds, it’s americana at its finest.