mar 3 2015

Broken Twin is back


Broken Twin, Majke Voss Romme, 2012

• The danish wonder of Broken Twin came upon us last year; loaded like a freight train, flyin’ like an aeroplane, feelin’ like a space brain, one more time tonight.

Now her beautiful presence will return to Sweden for three gigs. Don’t miss her April 24 in Gothenburg, April 25 i Stockholm and April 26 in Malmö.

Til then, the everlasting song No Darkness.

jan 13 2015

The Deep Dark Woods



• T’day we got The Deep Dark Woods spinning their magic web over our dull office space. All the way from Saskatoon, and with an alt-country sound others only pray for.

This tight unit of friends have been playing together forever and you can tell by the perfect swing. We found a real treasure – deep within the dark forests of Canada.

Give sweet song Sugar Mama from album The Place I Left Behind a go!

Nov 26 2014

New release: John Moose



• Check out John Moose – a band heavy rooted in the deep forests of Värmland, Sweden. They are releasing their debut album soon and we’re tagging along for the isolated and nature-loving ride.

Flower is a beautiful, sacred song that haunts you long after the stereo is shut down. In the words of the band: ”Flower is a love story between man and nature . It is also a story of man’s search for meaning and what they are willing to give up to continue the hunt.”

Nov 18 2014

Gary Clark Jr – Live album



• Texas guitar man Gary Clark Jr got the balls to release a double disc live album. And let me telleth you; GCJR delivers. Big time.

Thunder coming out thru his fingers, his raw edged electric guitar making me believe in a modern day travelling blues man.

It’s an amazing record, 15 songs long. It’s how Clark Jr should sound like. The man will be ready when his train pulls in.

sep 3 2014

The Tallest Tree



• ”I’ll be your actress, though I don’t know what it means.” A couple of seconds into this new tune and you´re hooked. The humming of the chorus is perfect, the escalation of the song never ends.

Married couple Dawn Larsh and Armando Vega found each other on the road and became The Tallest Tree. Check out their ukulele greatness in this gem of a song, I’ll Be Your (For You).

apr 8 2014

Hurray for the Riff Raff



Meet the absolutely amazing band from New Orleans, Louisiana: Hurray for the Riff Raff. It´s americana-folk-blues in shimmering robes. The singer/banjo-player Alynda Lee Segarra had us at the first riff. Or raff.

Check out great song The Body Electric from just-released album Small Town Heroes. It will make your day.

jan 16 2014

Weather Music

Susanne Trolleberg, hailing from northern Sweden small town Sandviken, wanted to put a band name on her eclectic, dynamic and ever changing compositions. Weather Music was born.
”Music is a free space for me. The most honest way to communicate with others. To be able to give from yourself without feeling the need to get anything in return. That’s has always drawn me into music”, she says.
The second single from the debut album is the haunting Violent Dreams, a song with a mission – dig the drive, dig the vibe!

jul 8 2013

Listen: Civil Wars – Poison & Wine



Sometimes you just know… No need for explanations, no need for analysis… A great song, by a great band. In 2011 this song saw the light of day, and I just found out today.

The band Civil Wars, Joy Williams and John Paul White, two great singer songwriters just make great stuff, and have a great following. We love this shit.

Their material is enchanting in so many ways, listen…

maj 13 2013

It’ll be a Red June

Photo: Bobby Amoroso

Photo: Bobby Amoroso

John Cloyd Miller won first place in the 21st annual Chris Austin Songwriting Contest in the bluegrass category at MerleFest 2013.

Miller is a vocalist, guitarist and mandolin player for the Asheville-based band Red June – an Americanatrio we love & adore.

Do check out their great country album “Beauty Will Come”. A beautiful, bootstompin, bluegrass beauty.

”The song ’Cloud of Dust’ highlights the frustrations and resolve of a young man during the Dust Bowl of the 1930s,” John says, “This song tells the story of what happens when we abuse our land.”

apr 11 2013

Barzun is Londonbound

magnus säfström jonas löfvendahl matthew barzun

FOLKROCKTALK. Magnus Säfström, Jonas Löfvendahl and Matthew Barzun at the US Embassy,  Stockholm.

• The former American ambassador of Sweden, Matthew Barzun is an avid indie music lover and a great fan of Kentuckyseven. Mr Barzun was Obamas money man and chief fundraiser thru the reelection campaign who gave BO four more years.

Matthew Barzun has emerged as the overwhelming favorite to be the next United States ambassador to London. The White House is expected to officially unveil Barzun as Obamas choice for the plum diplomatic job within weeks.

We rout for Matthew Barzun to land The Court of St James, and give ya´ll a gem from his fav Swedish artist, folkhero Kristian Matsson, aka The Tallest Man on Earth. Enjoy ‘Walk the Line’ from TTMOE epic debut-EP.